Monday, November 3, 2014

Adventures at the Olive Bar!

     I wanted to make a certain type of pasta that used tomatoes and olives. And I have to say this is my version of the pasta dish. For those of you that are Italian Food Purists. I will probably shame you to no end with my thrown together version. Truth is, recipes bore me. The only time I use recipes is when I am baking. When absolute measurements matter. Otherwise no recipes. Just let my taste buds guide me.

        So moving on with, Adventures in Olives! The I went to an olive bar and picked out my special gourmet olives.  Before starting I lurves I mean love Olives. I eat one and find out they have pits. Didn't know this. Wouldn't have purposefully bought pitted olives.

         I love to cook but I am no Martha Stewart. How on Earth am I going to pit all these olives? And be able to eat dinner before 9pm? I tried just slicing them, but those sweet little pits clung to their olives. When I would chomp down on a olive. I noticed that the pit would shoot right out. Knowing that I couldn't bite every olive to get the pit out. Or could I? No, no I couldn't that would be really gross. And then I would end up eating all the olives instead of using them in the dinner.

      So I came up with the idea of smashing them with a knife.......

..........Ok that works, but I am so bored just pitting one at a time.  I just couldn't see smashing twenty or thirty olives one a time. I am about to fall out of my chair and fall sound asleep just thinking about it. So I put a couple olives on the cutting board and smash them all together.
          Ahhhhh! Much Better!
         I dice some fresh Roma Tomatoes and mix in some Italian seasonings. These seasonings are pre mixed and so I don't know what is in them. Then mix in my pitted and chopped olives with some minced garlic. Cooked it at 400 degrees for an hour. After that I plated my pasta added my tomato and olives. Then added some mozzarella cheese. And I have my dinner. And I tell you, it was delicious. Will make this again, very soon!

        Because when you make a really good, fresh and homemade dinner. It is fabulous and it is not tyranny. Far from it. I love a fabulous home cooked meal.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! When I give advice on how to get olive oil stains off of your tablet cover. Just kidding, but seriously an oily tablet cover is not Fabulous.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bulbs, Prayers and Faith

          While planting bulbs, I was considering how praying and faith is just like fall planting.

            Planting bulbs is like the seasons of your life. First you get the bulbs. And life is good. The weather is still relatively warm and the sun is shining most of the time. There is just a bit of chill in the air, warning you that some hardship is coming your way.

            And bulbs are plain and unfortunate. They look nothing like the finished product. Seeing the plain bulbs in the store. Marveling how such a dreary little thing could become a beautiful flower.

            Then Winter and hardship come. And you may feel beat down. Winter both the physical season and the season in my life have a way of making me feel defeated. This part of your life can make you feel like you are drowning. And you look at where you planted your prayers and it looks like soil or mulch. It is even more unfortunate than the bulbs that you planted a couple months ago.  I always remind myself the harder the winter the more beautiful the spring flowers. And the same is true in life.


             Even though you cannot see it. Something wonderful is going on beneath the surface.

             And then as your prayers begin to be answered. And you see the answers springing forth. As the weather gets warmer and things get a little better. And the seeds begin to spring forth. One of my favorite videos on You Tube, showing the process of seeds growing.



              I wish that all prayers were answered in a couple weeks or months.  Some take a year or years and even decades. I know that I have been praying for certain things for many years. And obviously the prayers haven't been answered. I don't give up hope. When the prayers are answered it will all make sense. That is where faith comes in. And keeping the faith, throughout all seasons of life is fabulous.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Using Our Words for the Postive the Social Media Edition

      Something that has been weighing heavily lately. Is how our words are used. We can be a force for the positive and lift people up. Or we can be a force for the negative and tear people down. This is really hard for me. I used to be really proud of my sarcasm and wit. Seriously not realizing that on the other end of my witty snark, was another person. Maybe I knew them in real life. Maybe this person who was on the receiving end of my snark was a celebrity. Or a reality show celebrity. Not realizing that even though they put their life out there. For all of us to read about. They are still a human being with feelings.
           Having this sort of epiphany. When I was the victim of someone else's alleged snark. And not having done anything to deserve such treatment. I was really upset. And then I realized the error of my ways. Even though I had been having this come to Jesus moment for many months. This one incident was my moment of clarity. Everything came into focus, so to speak. 
           It happened when I posted a picture of my dog, Olivia. I posted it on some unknown Facebook page. With a caption saying that she was the cutest dog. And some faceless internet person said, no actually she is not cute, she is an ugly little dog. Considering neither Olivia, nor I had ever even met this person.  And considering all Olivia has gone through. In her short life. All of her health problems. She was really scrawny and sickly before I took this picture. This comment from an unknown internet person. This comment really hurt my feelings.
           I think that social media and the internet have emboldened people sitting behind their computer, smart phone, or tablet (myself included) And we say a lot of things that we would never dare to say to someone's face (myself included)
           I have to nervously admit that social media like Facebook and Twitter are my guilty pleasure. Along with message boards for my favorite TV shows and singers, etc. And I used to go to the Twitter page of people I didn't like and comment on their status updates. What benefit was there for me? Truth is there was none. Doing this in no way shape or form helps me. It actually makes me a worse person.

           Even if I find the behavior of the one I commented on to be repugnant. Will that help anyone? Especially the one that I am making a commenting about? I have already found out that it just drags me down. It doesn't do me any good. By commenting on a celebrities awful behavior. Will it somehow help the celebrity? I doubt it. I bet it would have the opposite effect. Think about it? Would you change for some random person leaving you a negative comment on social media? Or would that make you feel defensive? I mean, this person doesn't know you.
          I do believe that celebrities and reality TV show celebrities really do read their twitter and Facebook. Along with the message boards. And even those that are regular every day people read write posts on message boards and read the comments. They are all human and have feelings, too. We should be kind to people. Those we know in real life and those we only know from TV and  message boards. We don't know what their daily struggles are. We don't know what their emotions are. I don't want to be the person that posts a negative comment and sends someone over the edge. We may never know if someone is so emotionally fragile that a negative comment will do serious harm. Everyone is fighting a battle. So we should be kind.

          I have started asking myself if what I write is necessary? Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said, by me? Does it need to be said, right now? And even then I still fail. I still post things I shouldn't. What can I say? I am a work in progress.
          Join me as I become a force to use my internet words for the positive. I think the prettiest, strongest and most fabulous are those that build each other up instead of tearing down. Being a positive person is fabulous.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Confession is Good for the Soul

      The September fitness minutes goal was 1000.  I didn't even get close. Just did about a quarter of that. So I will scale back my goal for October. My goal for October is 250 fitness minutes. That is eleven minutes a day, five days a week. I do believe that I can manage that.

My Pretty Little Ladies

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Working on Working it Out

     Tell you a secret. I don't like exercise. Never did like exercise. I don't like playing sports and was the kid that was picked last for the team. Can't blame anyone though. If I was a star athlete. And I wanted to win, who doesn't want to win? I wouldn't picked myself either.

      It has been such a struggle to exercise. Ever since I took my one week break in July. I have been struggling to get back on track. Since rejoining Weight Watchers. I have lost two of the four pounds that I regained. So that news is very good. Today however was just a bad day. The type of day that one wouldn't want repeated. Nothing major, just petty annoyances. I know that there are people in the world that have it much worse. Just nothing was going right today. It was just one of those days.

      Setting goals seems to help in keeping me on track. So my fitness goal for the month of September is to exercise for 1000 minutes. I have completed 121 minutes for the month of September so far.

       Very happy to say this one thing. In the past, days like this would make me blow off exercise. And devour every yummy carbohydrate in the house. Today though, no excuses. Stayed in my points range and I exercised.

My Not so Little Friend

**Note: Before beginning any exercise or diet program. Or making any health goals. It is important to consult your doctor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Starting all Over Again, All Over Again and Again and Again and Again

         **Note** I lost all my weight using Points Plus. I have not and will not use Smart Points**Note**

     Ok I will admit it. I am only human. And for the past two months I have been struggling to maintain my weight loss. And for a little while, even gained a bit back. And then we had a church picnic. And I love food. I love to eat and I will over do it sometimes when I am faced with many delicious options. And I sometimes always overdo it at Church picnics.  So I rejoined Weight Watchers. And I am back on track even after the delicious Church picnic.

              The hard part has been exercising. I have just been floundering for the past two months. I don't believe that I have exercised a whole week straight, or even two weeks in a row. So I have gotten back into that this week. After all, I have to do something to make up for the picnic.

          I also tried green smoothies this week. I think I would rather eat a fiber one bar. I am going to continue to make fruit smoothies but leave the green out of them. I won't post a picture of my smoothie because it is just so awful looking. And on top of that it is near dinner and I don't want to spoil your appetite. Oh well at least I can say I tried.

          I believe that it isn't failure until I give up completely. I have never given up completely. And have had many restarts in this long and winding journey. Finding what works for you and sticking to it is fabulous. And giving yourself permission to fail and start all over is also fabulous.

This has how many points?

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shame, shame, sHaMe

     I have noticed how popular it has become to shame a woman for her size. Whether she is overweight, regular weight, or under weight.  Although I believe it has always been a popular sport to shame a woman for being overweight. The skinny shaming is a recent occurrence.

      And I am speaking to myself when I say let's use our words to build up and not tear down. Let us stop saying that because a woman doesn't meet our criteria of what a woman is "supposed" to look like. That somehow disqualifies her as a "real woman".

         All of us that call ourselves women. We are real women! Some women have curves. Some women are skinny. Some women are athletic. Some women have a little extra cushion in the middle and other places. Some women have an illness that causes them to be thin. And they would love to gain weight. And it is not helping when someone is rude and tells them to eat a cheeseburger. We are all real women!

         The entertainment industry is hard enough on women. Let us make this up by being kind to each other. A little Kindness and gentleness and building up your sisters as well as your brothers is Fabulous!

"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" ~John Watson

(Thanks for hearing me out. I am truly speaking to myself on this subject. I just hope that I can be a good influence to someone else.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Want to Say Thanks

I just wanted to take a little time out. And tell the people that read my blog how much I appreciate them. You will never know how much that means to me. That you take time out of your busy day to read my blog. Thank You so Very Much!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yummy Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower

I prefer to start with fresh cauliflower, but you could use frozen. I think it would be more work to strain the water out of frozen.

Boil for forty five minutes to an hour. You want the Cauliflower to be really mushy done and falling apart.

Strain it

After mashing it, put it back in the colander and mash it again to remove extra water. This step may seem tedious and unnecessary, but without it your mashed cauliflower will be watery. Trust me that isn't good.

After mashing and straining. Put it back in the pot. Mix in two tablespoons of butter, 3/4 cup of cheese and 1/4 cup of milk. I use skim milk, but you could use whatever you like. I  also like a sharp white cheddar. The sharpness of the cheddar balances out with the mildness of the added milk and cauliflower. I have also used mozzarella. It is good, but it has a very mild flavor.

Mix the butter, cheese and milk in. In that order. So everything melts. And then you have lovely mashed cauliflower. It is a nice change from mashed potatoes. Possibly [not] any healthier than mashed potatoes, but different. I like mashed cauliflower as much as I like mashed potatoes. And this girl loves her mashed taters.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Back into the Cycle of Exercise

            Really meant to take only one week off, but took two instead. And I really don't have a valid excuse for that. Wasn't sick or anything. Just couldn't get the ball rolling. So I am back and starting cycle two of exercise. During these two weeks I gained two pounds. So I am back and more dedicated than ever.

              I don't really want to lose anymore weight. Except for the two pounds that I gained. I just want to work on muscle tone. I don't want to be a fitness model. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just don't have the dedication it requires to be a fitness model. And I cannot go without carbs for six weeks. I find I do better with carbs in my diet. I want to be muscular and fit, but still look soft. Lose the whipped cream and gain some steel. I have given up hopes of ever having a thigh gap, LOL! Oh seriously! I knew that I would never have a thigh gap.

         So back on the chain gang. Recording my calories at Spark People. And exercising using some videos. At least thirty minutes, five days a week, Six weeks with the seventh week off.

Can't resist a healthy meal!

          Once again, I will just say no to diet pills and gimmicks. I have tried those things before and they only made my wallet thinner. I want to look healthier, and not put my wallet on a diet. I had to quit Weight Watchers for financial reasons. That program is still a great option. For anyone interested. With Weight Watchers one learns to budget their food. And I believe learns to eat healthier in the long run.  I am going to use Spark People from now on to log my food and exercise.

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why! Oh! Why!

             Why is it so easy to gain weight?  And so hard to lose it? Finally made it to maintenance and now struggling to find my calorie sweet spot. I am working hard so that I am a success and I don't gain the weight back. 

             Posted because they have nothing to do with weight loss. Just reminding you that taking time to smell the flowers is fabulous

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

Monday, July 7, 2014

In the Home Stretch

     **Note** I lost my weight using Points Plus. I have not and will not use Smart Points**Note**

     Finally I am on Week Six and next week I get to rest! I already know that I that I won't be able to exercise on Friday. So I am adding five minutes to my stationary bicycle exercise Monday-Wednesday and adding ten minutes on Thursday. Then adding a set of each exercise to my Total Gym routine.

     I decided that I could save money by quitting Weight Watchers. I still highly recommend them for losing weight. Once you figure it out join Spark People. Both are excellent resources for health and fitness. Spark People is free.

      I haven't lost any additional weight since reaching maintenance. I guess that is ok since that is what Maintenance means. LOL! Must find my daily calorie sweet spot. When I try to e

in maintenance calories, I gain. Why is it so easy to gain it back and so hard to lose? So not fair.

         These are my goal dresses,

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best Invention Ever! (For Ladies that Wear Skirts)

               I love to wear skirts. I am the quintessential girly girl. What I don't like is even when I am wearing a modest length skirt and I bend over to clean up after my dogs.

          Or pick something up off of the ground or get something out of the trunk of my car. Basic activities like that. The back of the skirt will rise up and expose more skin than I am comfortable with showing. After all I don't wear short shorts. I am just not comfortable showing that much skin. (my shorts all come from Bermuda)

          I tried other products that shall remain nameless. As they didn't help the problem and just rode up with the skirts.

         Jockey brand makes a product called Skimmies Slip Shorts. I would look at them in the catalog. The cost is slightly prohibitive. They are about $20-22 a pair. I finally bought some. Why didn't I buy them sooner?  And even in 90 degree weather they are so comfortable. I admit, I was a little nervous buying them. Usually stuff like this. You put it on and it squeezes one part in and you pop out of another. And you end up looking like a busted can of biscuits. Not with these. Very comfortable and they fit is nice. I miss them when I am not wearing them.


         If you are concerned about the price.There are usually coupon codes and sales to bring the cost down.  Target sells a lower priced version called JKY for less. The more expensive version comes in many different colors. I have only seen the lower priced version in black and white. I am not saying that the lower priced JKY brand doesn't come in other colors, I don't know I haven't seen them.

        Even though I assume that both types of Skimmies are made by the Jockey company. My experience is with the more expensive ones. I would highly recommend shelling out the extra money for those.

        I just thought you all would like to know about this incredible find. Over exposure is so [not] fabulous.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I Think That my Stationary (or is it Stationery) Bicycle Hates Me!

               I also am beginning to think this blog hates me. As I have tried to write this blog three times and had to delete it because the blog decides it wants to put the pictures in left field literally. Or edits the blog on it's own. Or loses my captions or pictures. I am going to blame it on my phone. Yeah the phone did it!

               So as I say with clenched teeth. Let's try this again.

               I have this vintage exercise bicycle. It is from the late 70's. I love it, but I think it hates me. The seat is kind of rusted and so it slides forward without warning. Causing my knee to crash into the console, dashboard, knee bruising thingamabobble of doom.

              Even though it does that it is still a wonderful exercise machine. And still works, even though it came from the era of bell bottoms and shag carpet. I would have shown you a picture of my knee, but my knees look weird. And they definitely aren't my best feature. One reason I always wear knee length skirts. And then there is that whole modesty thing, which is very important to me.

               I have another piece of exercise equipment that I also love and it is also vintage. It is a mid nineties Total Gym. Best thing that we ever purchased. Even though it is almost 20 years old. It is still going strong. And a huge contributor to my lovely after pictures.

             And I am in Week Five of my exercise goals! Even though I haven't managed to get up at the crack of dawn to exercise. I have managed to exercise, five days a week for at least thirty minutes. And last week when I had a wrench thrown into my plans. I still exercised. A while ago, I would have used that as an excuse to not exercise. And I do believe that is fabulous!

(Update) So I find out the hard way that I should not delete pictures off of my phone when I have used them in my blog. I thought once you put something out on the internet. It was there forever. Apparently not in all cases.

The Lovely vintage Bicycle that hates me

The instrument panel or the thingamabobble of doom

The seat in cahoots with the instrument panel
**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quick Mashed Potatoes!

You have those times when you wanted to make mashed potatoes. Something happens like you get lost on Social Media and there isn't enough time to boil them. And it takes a good hour or more, to get them done. I call these my Oh No! Mashed Potatoes. Cuz Oh No! I spent to much time updating my status and now I don't have time to make mashed potatoes!

That happened to me one day. It had completely slipped my mind to boil the potatoes on the stove and I didn't have time to even make another vegetable. (What to do? What to do?) So I pulled out The Microwave Pasta Pot.  Best invention ever for busy cooks. You can steam veggies as well as cook pasta.

Cook potatoes according to pasta pot instructions

I know that all my readers are super smart and fabulous. I must tell you this. Use CAUTION when you get the pasta pot out of the microwave, the pot is very hot. And the water and potatoes are really very hot.  Not just Hot! but very VERY HOT! So please use EXTRA CAUTION! 

Place one potato in the bowl at a time. And mash with a fork. I like to leave the skin on, but you can peal them before hand if that is your desire

Heat milk in a heat safe container in the microwave. Add milk 1/4 of a cup at a time. Too much milk and you will have Uh Oh! Potato Soup. Which wouldn't be bad, come to think of it. Add a couple tablespoons of butter and a dash of salt to taste.
If you want them smooth, then you can beat them with a hand mixer.

And you are done. I haven't measured it from start to finish, but it takes a lot less time than regular mashed potatoes.
And the mashed potatoes are wonderful. Your family won't know that you didn't slave over a hot stove all day.
And I won't tell!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivationally Motivated, but not Really Motivated Enough to Stick to My Second Goal and it Caused a Small Fail

          **Note** All my weight was lost using Weight Watchers points plus. I have not and will not use Smart Points **Note**

        It is hard to believe that I am already in week four.  Seems like no time at all. Then it seems like forever and an eternity.  Last week I wanted to get up at 6am and exercise. That way it would be over with and I would not have to worry all day. I am not a morning person so that was a fail.

           I did manage to exercise every day as planned. On Wednesday after hitting the snooze button for like the zillionth time. I was trying to figure out how I could be sick. So that I could get out of exercise. Then I had this moment. I realized that I was almost halfway to my goal and if I didn't exercise, it would be par for the course. I always give up right about that moment.

          So I got up and..............



                                            ..............took these precious girls out.

             If I didn't take care of them first. They would cry. And I know I don't like the feeling of having to go to the bathroom and being hungry. So in the morning they are my first priority.

             On Friday I had a lot of lemons to zest for a desert that I was making for a party.  That took a lot of energy and even though I think that lemon zesting should be considered an upper body strength training workout. I didn't use that as an excuse not to exercise. I would have before.

       On Saturday, I ate many good things. So grateful that my Weight Watchers points reset on Sunday. And I get to start all over.   Getting to start all over and not beating yourself up for you shortcomings, is fabulous. (And by the way, so are those Lemon Brownies)

(Update) This lady I know from Spark People. She goes by the user name of Eelpie. Has the best quote, Guilt burns zero calories. That was just like my Aha! moment. I add, that guilt does burn a lot of energy. And not good energy, it just sucks the life out of you. (Thanks Eelpie)

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.


Monday, June 16, 2014

New Goals, Exercise!

        I made it to my third week. And the past two weeks I have exercised as planned! Yeah! Despite last weeks dip in motivation. My favorite motivational quote.

People often say Motivation doesn't last. Well neither do
showers and that is why they are recommended daily. 
~Zig Ziglar

        So this week I have a new goal. I wanted to get up at 6 am every day and exercise. That way I have the rest of the day to do the things I need too and exercise will be over. Today I did not. I just kept hitting the snooze button. I did exercise in the morning. A lot sooner than I did last Monday. Last Monday I exercised at 5 pm. So I consider that a small victory. Thankfully that tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it. (that came from Anne of Green Gables, I am not sure who said it)

              So do you ever jusr have one of "those" days? That was my morning. First I did not get up when I wanted. Then when I went to take this precious little lady out......

     The grass murderers, I mean landscapers were outside.  They were outside killing I mean trimming the bushes. And sweet Olivia doesn't like strangers, AT ALL. Strangers with power saws, fuhgedaboudit!
           Well at least I exercised. And the day is beginning to look up. Let's see what the rest of this week brings. Being hopeful is fabulous.

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where is My Motivation?

         Last week I did well. I exercised like I planned, five days and at least thirty minutes. I got my little prize for exercising.  It was a tube of mascara. I figured I would tell you. I know that you all were waiting with baited breath. I felt my motivation waning, but I still exercised. 

         This week, I cannot find my motivation.  I cannot talk myself out of exercise. I am not sick enough to cancel a hair appointment.  It is just that the zippity has gone out of my doo dah.

         Well it is past 4pm and I still haven't found my motivation. Must find my motivation. Where did it go?

         I finally found my motivation and exercised. I wish that I loved it, but I don't. I do feel better for doing it. And at least it is over with today.        

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Please Don't Let Me Become THAT Person

          If you have read my blog, Before and After. You know that I have reached my goal weight. (Yeah Me!) And now I am in maintenance. Even though I have done this, I am attempting to stay humble. (Wait is saying that you are trying to stay humble actually the opposite of humble? I wonder) I don't want to become THAT person. You know THAT person. The one that has lost their weight and they have suddenly become so arrogant. They know everything there is to know about weight loss. And they have no sympathy for anyone else that is in the same place they were in just months ago. You know, THAT person.

        I certainly don't want to become THAT person because I didn't reach my goals by myself. I would not be where I am, without Spark People and Weight Watchers. And my loving family. These tools have been invaluable. Before I found them. I tried all sorts of fads and pills. My wallet became skinnier before I did. Common sense healthy eating is what works. And every bodies common sense approach to healthy eating is different. If you aren't sure where to start. Go to a board certified Registered Dietitian.

          THAT person forgets where they were just a couple months ago. They forget how hard it was to make it to goal. And then they post annoying things on Facebook. THAT person doesn't realize that you catch more flies with honey. Although I still can't figure out why I want to catch flies, but I digress.

          So if you see me becoming THAT person. Please feel free to tell me. I think love and inspiration are the way to go. I want to be a motivator and not an instigator. Because being a motivator is most Fabulous.       

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Before and After!

**Note** My weight was lost on the old Points Plus system. I have not (and will not) be using Smart Points**Note**

This is my before picture. Before Weight Watchers, before I got serious with Spark People.

Before at 143 pounds. These pictures were taken in between August 2013 and February 2014.

Taken this morning June 4, 2014
You all can see why it was important to lose weight. Being an apple shape can put me at a greater risk of weight related diseases.
The weight was lost with Spark People and Weight Watchers. No diet pills or potions. Or fad diets. Just good old fashioned hard work.

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Motivation and New Goals!

     **Note** All my weight was lost using Points Plus. I have not and will not. Use Smart Points. **Note**

     **IMPORTANT NOTE** Exercise is wonderful, but before you start any program. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. This is my journey. Just make sure that you are healthy enough to exercise before you start any program.

    I have no motivation to exercise. I try to get involved in an exercise program and I just cannot stick to it. I am so jealous of those people that love exercise. Maybe they got my exercise loving genes? And I got their carbohydrate loving genes? On the subject of carbs, I love them and not giving them up, ever. I digress.

    So far with Spark People and Weight Watchers. I have lost 40 pounds. The first 20 with Spark People took a while, because I kept falling off the wagon. I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment. If I hadn't fallen off the wagon. The last 20 with Weight Watchers were all lost in 2014. Both are very good programs in their own right. And it [isn't] Spark Peoples fault that I kept falling off the wagon. Ok there is no use in beating myself up over what is in the past.

     I have started on a new path in my weight loss journey and that is maintenance. Those people that are in maintenance tell me that keeping the weight off is as hard as losing it. I can believe that. If you relax and stop tracking your food. Then it would be easy to start gaining it back. I know that I must track my food for the rest of my life. Whether through Spark or Weight Watchers. I need that feature to keep me accountable.

     So where is my motivation to exercise? I know, it is good for you. It can help prevent disease. It will help you feel better. A pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat. It is a misnomer that muscle weighs less than fat. What happens is fat is like a container of feathers. Muscle is like a piece of steel. You are going to need a lot of feathers to get to add up to a pound. A pound of steel would take up a lot less space. And that is what I want to do. I want to turn my feathers into steel. And yet that is still not enough motivation.

     I like to get prizes. When I was little. I liked earning the chance to pick out of the treasure box. I was always so proud of my little doo dad. I have fond memories of earning VBS bucks and getting to spend them at the little shop in the church basement. And that is how I am going motivate myself to exercise. The prize will be cheap but fabulous.

     My goal is to exercise, five days a week for thirty minutes a day. Every week that I do that. I will give myself a little inexpensive and yet totes fabu prize. And when I continue for six weeks. I get a bigger prize at the end. I have no idea what that will be.  The ultimate prize is a dress from a website called Mod Cloth. The way that fat collects around my tummy. Makes me a plus size at Mod Cloth. I want to be able to buy any of their dresses. And not be disappointed that I have to send it back. That might be a while from now. Maybe at twelve weeks or more. Or maybe six weeks, I hope, I hope.

    And for every six week period of exercise. I get one week of rest. And there are rules. To miss a day of exercise, I have to be sick enough to cancel a hair appointment. The salon I go to, I usually make my hair appointments at least two months in advance. Don't even ask about making a Saturday appointment. I have made those three or four months in advance. And to get another can be difficult. Which is why I don't like to cancel them.

    So I will do that. I will be back every week to share my progress. And the pictures of my cheap but fabulous prize. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be fabulous. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

One of my Favorite Things

     This is what I have always wanted to do with my blog. I have always wanted to review items and give my real honest opinion. You can trust me. I cannot promote a product that I don't believe in. That goes against my moral code.

    It is a toilet cleaning product. Even though scrubbing the toilet bowl is so not fabulous. This item makes cleaning the bowl so much easier. And less time consuming. It makes cleaning so quick and easy. I was so pleased with it that I had to write a blog and tell everyone.

    My favorite thing is the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush toilet bowl cleaner. The heavy duty scrubbing pads are so flexible and get under the rim.  They obliterate that nasty scaly stuff. That builds up in a toilet bowl. Especially the gunk under the rim. I find that the rim is the hardest thing to reach with those other reusable  toilet bowl brushes. And you can discard the brush when you are done. (please follow package directions as to how to discard the brush)  That is another reason that I like it so much. The old reusable brush is just gross and well, ::shudders:: I am grossed out thinking about those nasty reusable brushes.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


     I find that as women we are so busy taking care of everyone else. We never take time to take care of ourselves. It is almost like we feel guilty for taking time to take care of ourselves. I believe it was the TV judge, Judge Judy, that said women are like trees. In that we are the trunk and the roots of the tree. Our family are the branches of the tree. If the trunk and the roots don't take time to nourish themselves. The branches, our family, will suffer in the long run. Or maybe it was Dr. Laura. That is something that has resounded with me. Even if I cannot remember exactly who said it.

     Anyway my splurges are salon quality shampoo and a good haircut. Going to a salon where everybody knows my name. And every stylist intuitively knows how I like my hair cut. It is such a wonderful experience to be made to feel like you are the only client. Unlike other cheaper franchise salons that shall remain nameless.

      Believe it or not. This is near the end of my blog. I just wanted to write a little blurb to give you all totally fabulous ladies permission to do something good for yourself. Taking care of yourself, so that you can take care of your family is fabulous.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


       Being a lover of many English movies and period novels. My favorite is Persuasion, by Jane Austen. I love the book and the movie equally. Amanda Root as Anne Elliot and Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth are just delightful and perfect they could not have cast anyone better. The onscreen chemistry is just so amazing. And just in case you are wondering. I believe that Ciaran is pronounced Keer awn. Thought you would like to know since I spent a better part of a year trying to figure out how to pronounce the guys name. And he plays an awesome Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Just saying since that is a whole other blog.

       In a nutshell. Anne falls in love with Frederic Wentworth when she is 19. She loves him and wants to become engaged. Alas 'heavy sigh' she is rich and he is poor. And he has no connections. Remember in my last blog. Marriage was a business arrangement and love was just the icing on the cake. So Anne is persuaded by her busy body well meaning older friend, Lady Russell to give him up.

       So fast forward eight years. Anne's family is now on the brink of financial ruin and Captain Wentworth has made a nice little fortune for himself. He is quite the eligible bachelor. And has many forward young girls chasing after his newly made fortune  him. Even Anne's older sister Elizabeth, is trying to win the prize heart of Captain Wentworth. Please note that she wouldn't give him the time of day when he was just a poor sailor.

      So as in most Jane Austen novels. There is a lot of drama that keeps the two main characters apart. We finally find out that after all this time Captain Wentworth has loved Anne all this time and vice versa. Even after eight long years and many trials. 'sigh'

     And the three best parts of this movie. When Captain Wentworth declares his love for Anne. And after that when they go to an evening party and Elizabeth tells Anne that she shouldn't monopolize Captain Wentworth. That is a very bad habit of hers. Only to have him walk in a short time later to declare his love and that they are engaged. The stricken look on Elizabeth's face is priceless. Every time that I watch that movie. That is the number one best part. I never never get tired of it. And in true Jane Austen fashion, Frederick and Anne live happily ever after. 'heavy sigh'

      I guess I love this movie so much, because I think all of us single girls possibly have a Captain Wentworth. You dated when you were young. And for whatever reason it was perfect at the time. And circumstances pulled you apart. And now you just wonder what happened to that person. You wonder if he has married. And if he has, you wish him well. If he hasn't married you still wish him well.  PS. All the guys I dated in the past ten years. In my best Maury impersonation You are not my Captain Wentworth. So that there is absolutely no confusion. I was not speaking of you.

     I would love for this part of my life to be deliriously happy. Just like the ending of a Jane Austen novel. That would be fabulous.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Wish that Love was like a Jane Austen Novel (but Only the End)

    I must confess, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen's writings. Even though we lived two centuries apart. The funny thing is that she was born in 1775 and I was born in 1975. Though the similarities end there. I really love her novels. I even love the movies that are made from her novels. Although I would never fancy myself a modern day Jane Austen. I would like to think that maybe she would like to read my blog. 

     The only movie I didn't like was a recent version of Mansefield Park. I am a purist when it comes to these things. That particular movie took too many liberties. It made Sir Thomas Bertram seem like a creepy uncle and his wife a cheap floosy. I stopped watching half way through the movie.

     Even though these days her novels are mild. I would be willing to bet that a woman daring to challenge the status quo would be considered scandalous. Back then marriage was more of a business proposition. If you were a poor girl. It was your hope to marry well. If you happened to fall in love in the process that was just icing on the cake. I think many a girl married a man that they could barely tolerate. If she didn't get married to somebody (anybody) and have sons. Then after her father died, she was at the mercy of her brothers and uncles.

     Right about now I can only guess what you are thinking? Perhaps you are thinking. You want life to be hard for poor single women? You want a woman to be forced into a marriage of convenience. So that she can produce an heir and have someone to take care of her? Oh no! That isn't what I mean at all.  A marriage to someone that you cannot respect or love would be a drudgery.

     What I would love to happen real life that always happens in these novels is this. The poor girl with no connections always ends up deliriously happy by the end of the book. Whether she marries the proud Mr. Darcy or the humble Mr. Ferars. It would be my hope that every woman would end up deliriously happy, with someone that loves them madly. That my friends would be fabulous.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Fabulous about Winter?

    This is going to be a really short blog. I couldn't answer my own question. No matter how hard I tried. Couldn't think of anything fabulous about Winter. For a minute or two, I thought, when it snows. Then I remembered how I have to shovel it. That really ruins the moment. Or when it becomes dirty and just won't melt

     Then I was thinking with anticipation. How the tulips and daffodils are poking their delicate little heads out of the ground. In anticipation of Spring. And how on the news they have just announced the dates for the Cherry Blossom Festival. And I think of my own Cherry Tree blooming in all it's pink and white glory. And that gives me hope.

     And then you walk into stores and past your knit hat. You see sandals, flip flops and swimsuits. Next to the shorts, t-shirts and sundresses. And you lift your knit hat off of your forehead, to see the wonderful spring and summer clothes. You don't dare take your knit hat off. You know that hat hair is so not fabulous. The wonderful spring apparel says, don't worry winter will soon pass. You won't have to wear seventeen layers of clothes for long.

   So thinking really hard. I figured out that what makes winter fabulous is when it is over. I cannot lie. I wanted to write a positive blog, but it rang false. I knew that my smart readers would see right through me. Not only are my friends and readers smart. They are also fabulous for reading my blog.

    That being said. I am not going to complain about Summer. I love Summer and will love it even more when the current season is a distant memory. And if I could figure out how to have Fall, Spring and Summer. Skipping Winter all together. I would sign up for that.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How About those New Years Resolutions?

     How have you done on your New Years Resolutions? Personally I haven't done well at all. If Resolutions was a class in school. I would be repeating it next year. Even though I have not kept my resolutions. There is always something so promising about a brand new year. So instead of New Years Resolutions, I think I will resolve to start over every day.

     I did sort of become organized. I bought those velvet hangers and it has made the difference. There is now so much room in my closet. If you do decide to buy those velvet hangers. Spend a little more and get the name brand hangers. The ones by Joy Mangano. True they are pricey, but the bargain velvet hangers are cheap, but they are no bargain. The bargain hangers will snap in two with little weight. I was simply moving one of the bargain hangers and it snapped with no pressure put on it. The JM hangers seem very sturdy. You can easily tell the difference in quality just by looking at them and comparing them.

     Looking back on my resolutions. I didn't completely fail. Some of the resolutions that I would get a C average, exercise and eating more fruit and vegetables. Plus recently starting to read my Bible and pray more. So I will continue in those. And continue to try and be a better person. Knowing that we are all human and flawed. And even though we may look much better with the full compliment of makeup. We will continue to only use tinted lip balm.

     Well off to try and be a better person today. Be fabulous, not only fabulous, but fab u lous!