Friday, June 6, 2014

Please Don't Let Me Become THAT Person

          If you have read my blog, Before and After. You know that I have reached my goal weight. (Yeah Me!) And now I am in maintenance. Even though I have done this, I am attempting to stay humble. (Wait is saying that you are trying to stay humble actually the opposite of humble? I wonder) I don't want to become THAT person. You know THAT person. The one that has lost their weight and they have suddenly become so arrogant. They know everything there is to know about weight loss. And they have no sympathy for anyone else that is in the same place they were in just months ago. You know, THAT person.

        I certainly don't want to become THAT person because I didn't reach my goals by myself. I would not be where I am, without Spark People and Weight Watchers. And my loving family. These tools have been invaluable. Before I found them. I tried all sorts of fads and pills. My wallet became skinnier before I did. Common sense healthy eating is what works. And every bodies common sense approach to healthy eating is different. If you aren't sure where to start. Go to a board certified Registered Dietitian.

          THAT person forgets where they were just a couple months ago. They forget how hard it was to make it to goal. And then they post annoying things on Facebook. THAT person doesn't realize that you catch more flies with honey. Although I still can't figure out why I want to catch flies, but I digress.

          So if you see me becoming THAT person. Please feel free to tell me. I think love and inspiration are the way to go. I want to be a motivator and not an instigator. Because being a motivator is most Fabulous.       

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.


  1. BTW Yeah for you! I've just finished a great behavior oriented class through Kaiser and am now looking for authors who wrote about maintenance behavior. Apparently this doesn't get written about much, because it's not as exciting as writing one more diet book.

  2. It is true. They never tell you what to do once you get to maintenance. Which just keeps the yo yo diet process going.