Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tales of a Piggy Squirrel

         Last week the East Coast was slammed with a blizzard.  My city got 28-30 inches, approximately. Just a couple pictures to let you see what we were dealing with. It was cold. It was so cold that I saw a crow out walking around in a parka and snow boots.

Behold the Piggy Squirrel in its natural habitat

Is that a car or a marshmallow? I vote car.
Do marshmallows have windshield wipers?
I went to sleep on Friday night. These things were
covered with three inches of snow. By Saturday night
they looked like this

Beautiful Icicles

Beautiful blue sky with more beautiful icicles

Another picture to show how much snow we
really got
      I don't want to write a blog about how much I dislike snow and winter. That would be depressing. People like snow. I get that. Personally I don't dislike it, per se. When we get a couple little storms here and there, three to six inches. Bring on the snow. As far as precipitation goes. Snow is much better than ice. When we get over one foot. Snow seriously loses it's luster. Over two feet and that is all she wrote, double dislike.

         Don't know if anyone else has this problem. When it snows 25-29 inches. Which causes us to be stuck in the house for days. I get a little blue. Then I get a little hungry, umm no make that ravenous. I become like my friend. The Piggy Squirrel. You see the Piggy Squirrel eats or tries to eat all the bird seed that was left out for the birds. I get a little down and I eat everything in the house. Preferably if it is carb and calorie laden. Sweet or salty, I am an equal opportunity binger. No food is safe. Everything is fair game. Well broccoli is safe. I don't binge on broccoli. Wish that broccoli was binge worthy. Then the scale wouldn't have delivered bad news of a three pound gain.

       Recovery from Piggy Squirrel Syndrome is a long process. When it only took a week to gain. It will probably take two weeks to lose. You would think from all my years of yo yoing, this would finally sink in.

    After all "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" ~ Albert Einstein.

     Didn't feel like exercising. From shoveling so much I was completely drained and sore. Probably sub consciously thinking, I must have burned thousands of calories. I deserve to eat this. That may have been true on Sunday, but not the rest of the week. Couldn't go anywhere stuck in the house and so I ate to compensate for the winter storm blues. One thing that would be good for me to finally learn. Is that eating everything in sight. Won't make the snow melt. Skipping exercising will cause worse feelings. Which will lead to over eating. Which will lead to worse feelings. Which will lead to over eating. A never ending vicious cycle.

         "Tomorrow is a brand new day, with no mistakes in it" ~LM Montgomery. So here is to Monday, Exercise and getting back on track!
This is Piggy Squirrel
Piggy Squirrel eats all the bird seed
He runs the other squirrels off
He runs the birds off
He runs away when he hears a human coming
Don't be like Piggy Squirrel