Friday, March 27, 2015

Training for a 5k

        **Note** I lost my weight using Points Plus. I have not and will not use Smart Points**

     Turning forty doesn't really feel much different than thirty nine. I do feel a lot better than I ever did in my twenties.  I dress better, too.  While in my twenties I gasp to think about how much I needed Stacy and Clinton. Why didn't anyone turn me into "What Not to Wear"? And hair, don't even get me started on my past hair.

    I want this part of my life to be filled with different things. I always wanted to run. So I signed up for a 5k in September. I figure I have enough time to train for that. I want to run. I already know that I can walk 3.10 miles. I want to push myself to do what I have never done. Eventually I want to run The Boston Marathon, but baby steps.

     So I am building up my stamina. For two weeks I have been riding my stationary bicycle. Riding it for twenty minutes a day, six times a week.  Trying to slowly build up stamina. Like I said, baby steps. Next week my exercise routine changes.

     I had quit Weight Watchers. I decided to go back. I am tired of the weight creeping up and up. Slowly creeping back on. I had the most success with Weight Watchers. It is a very good program. I was doing Spark People. Don't get me wrong. Spark People is a great program. I just found ways to cheat while doing Spark. It wasn't them, it was me.

    Embarking on a new journey is Fabulous!

My two biggest fans and motivation!