Monday, February 27, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Eight! Birthdays and Buffets!

          This week is my birthday! Not going to tell you exactly how old I am. That is a closely guarded secret. I will tell you what I am going to do. I am going to the Chinese Buffet and eating homemade coconut cake. My mom makes the most delicious, light and fluffy coconut cake. You only get one birthday per year and life is way to short not to celebrate!

136.2 This Week
137.3 Last Week
          Last week, I was a little lazy when it came to exercise. We have had beautiful spring like weather. Which has unfortunately stirred up my seasonal allergies. Which has made me a little loopy. So I only exercised three days last week. Friday was just a lazy day. Didn't feel like exercising so I didn't. This week I am recommitted to my program.

          Loving this spring weather. Even if it makes me suffer from allergies. If you know me at all. You know that I despise Winter. With every fiber of my being. Our Winters for the past several years have been nasty and hateful. It's about time that we have a mild and lovely Winter.

Any imagined progress is because
I am standing up a little straighter
          It's kind of embarrassing. When one of your family members walks in on you writing your blog. They look at your pictures and say Ugh! What on earth is that!?!? That has happened more than once. Here's to hot blog pictures. Even though that will take a while.

Ugh! My back!
Well it didn't get this way in eight weeks
It's not going to go away in eight weeks

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Seven! No Rest for the Wicked!

          Usually on Week Seven. I take a week long break from exercise. With the grand plan of starting up again with a brand new exercise routine in Week Eight. That never happens. Never seeming to get back the momentum that was achieved in weeks One through Six. Then weeks pass and no exercise has happened. So I am going to take a different approach. Since, "If you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got." So that quote is attributed to, Tony Robbins, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and that guy we all know and love A. Nony Mous. The cousin of Many Moore. (Buh Dum Tsh: I'll be here all week!Try the salmon!)

137.3 This Week
138.0 Last Week
I think I am seeing progress.
Even if the weight loss is really slow.

     Last week there was so much drama. I usually use drama as an excuse to avoid exercise. And hide under the covers. Simply because drama and life upset me a lot. If I don't leave my bed, drama can't touch me. Even though hiding under the covers solves nothing. Although, Monday, if you could please just show up one week without drama. That'd be great!

    So aiming for five to six days a week of exercise. Last week I achieved four days of exercise. Which is better than what usually  happens.  No more using drama as an excuse to avoid exercise.

I think there is progress? Maybe?
Am I seeing things?

     The neat thing that I found last week. Virtual 5k's from US Road Running. You choose the race. You run them at your own pace. On the day that you choose. Best of all you get a medal! You can also spend a little extra and get a t-shirt! So cool! Or you could do One Mile or a Half Marathon. Whatever you choose. Totally love the idea. Totally dislike the idea of getting up on race day at dawn. You can choose the time that you run/ walk it as well. The best of both worlds.

My back. I never worked on my back
muscles. So it's no wonder that it is
taking so long. Even if it is irritating!
I want it all and I want it NOW!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Six! I 💓 Valentines Day!

          This week we celebrate Valentine's Day! A lot of people hate this holiday. I personally love it. Even though I am not currently dating anyone. I have given up on dating, but that is a long story.
Valentine's Day is what you make it. It can either be a good day or a bad day it is up to you. 

          Don't forget that Valentine's Day ushers in Half Price Chocolate Candy Day. Plus February 15th is also. Bring out the Easter Candy Day. The official name of this day is, Bring out the Cadbury Cream Eggs Day



          If you aren't dating anyone. Then share some platonic love with some of your friends or family. That's what I am going to do. Make a special dinner and desert. Ladies, if he gets you a teddy bear from the local drug store and grocery store flowers. It's the thought that counts. Don't be a nasty about it and don't be jealous of what your friends got. It's the thought that counts. That is my two cents.

136.9 Week Five
138 Week Six

          There are many ways to measure health and fitness. Weight is only one of them. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Do I see progress?
Maybe just a little?
Wishful thinking?

These modern torture devices
Are a workout on their own
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Five! Bad Days and Patience!

     This week's blog. Is brought to you by patience. Not only with weight loss results. With life in general. Sometimes, we must overcome the urge to smash our phone and tablet with a sledgehammer. That wouldn't be beneficial. Sometimes we must wait a long time for results. Giving up is easy, continuing when results are slow. Is hard. Don't give up! 

       Last week I was at 136.9. This week I am 136.5. I know that I can't expect my back to become muscular overnight. Even if I wish it would. There are no shortcuts. Things like this don't come easy. 

       While writing this blog. My phone actually told me LOL! I'm not kidding! Do you see? Do you see what I have had to put up with? First world problems. I know, but made me so irritated! 

Week Five 136.9
I'm bad at the maths. How much of a loss is that

Not soon enough to see results!

Modern torture device that fastens in
the back.
Why? Oh Why? Does it fasten in the back?

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