Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Confession is Good for the Soul

      The September fitness minutes goal was 1000.  I didn't even get close. Just did about a quarter of that. So I will scale back my goal for October. My goal for October is 250 fitness minutes. That is eleven minutes a day, five days a week. I do believe that I can manage that.

My Pretty Little Ladies

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Working on Working it Out

     Tell you a secret. I don't like exercise. Never did like exercise. I don't like playing sports and was the kid that was picked last for the team. Can't blame anyone though. If I was a star athlete. And I wanted to win, who doesn't want to win? I wouldn't picked myself either.

      It has been such a struggle to exercise. Ever since I took my one week break in July. I have been struggling to get back on track. Since rejoining Weight Watchers. I have lost two of the four pounds that I regained. So that news is very good. Today however was just a bad day. The type of day that one wouldn't want repeated. Nothing major, just petty annoyances. I know that there are people in the world that have it much worse. Just nothing was going right today. It was just one of those days.

      Setting goals seems to help in keeping me on track. So my fitness goal for the month of September is to exercise for 1000 minutes. I have completed 121 minutes for the month of September so far.

       Very happy to say this one thing. In the past, days like this would make me blow off exercise. And devour every yummy carbohydrate in the house. Today though, no excuses. Stayed in my points range and I exercised.

My Not so Little Friend

**Note: Before beginning any exercise or diet program. Or making any health goals. It is important to consult your doctor.