Monday, February 27, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Eight! Birthdays and Buffets!

          This week is my birthday! Not going to tell you exactly how old I am. That is a closely guarded secret. I will tell you what I am going to do. I am going to the Chinese Buffet and eating homemade coconut cake. My mom makes the most delicious, light and fluffy coconut cake. You only get one birthday per year and life is way to short not to celebrate!

136.2 This Week
137.3 Last Week
          Last week, I was a little lazy when it came to exercise. We have had beautiful spring like weather. Which has unfortunately stirred up my seasonal allergies. Which has made me a little loopy. So I only exercised three days last week. Friday was just a lazy day. Didn't feel like exercising so I didn't. This week I am recommitted to my program.

          Loving this spring weather. Even if it makes me suffer from allergies. If you know me at all. You know that I despise Winter. With every fiber of my being. Our Winters for the past several years have been nasty and hateful. It's about time that we have a mild and lovely Winter.

Any imagined progress is because
I am standing up a little straighter
          It's kind of embarrassing. When one of your family members walks in on you writing your blog. They look at your pictures and say Ugh! What on earth is that!?!? That has happened more than once. Here's to hot blog pictures. Even though that will take a while.

Ugh! My back!
Well it didn't get this way in eight weeks
It's not going to go away in eight weeks

 As always, ANY ads for diet products appearing on my page. Should NEVER be viewed as an endorsement. Unless it is Spark People or Weight Watchers.

**DISCLAIMER** The opinions on this blog are my own. This is my journey as I see it. I am neither a doctor nor a dietitian. If you plan to start your own journey. You should consult your medical professionals. **DISCLAIMER**

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