Monday, June 9, 2014

Where is My Motivation?

         Last week I did well. I exercised like I planned, five days and at least thirty minutes. I got my little prize for exercising.  It was a tube of mascara. I figured I would tell you. I know that you all were waiting with baited breath. I felt my motivation waning, but I still exercised. 

         This week, I cannot find my motivation.  I cannot talk myself out of exercise. I am not sick enough to cancel a hair appointment.  It is just that the zippity has gone out of my doo dah.

         Well it is past 4pm and I still haven't found my motivation. Must find my motivation. Where did it go?

         I finally found my motivation and exercised. I wish that I loved it, but I don't. I do feel better for doing it. And at least it is over with today.        

**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any goals without first consulting your doctor.

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