Monday, June 30, 2014

I Think That my Stationary (or is it Stationery) Bicycle Hates Me!

               I also am beginning to think this blog hates me. As I have tried to write this blog three times and had to delete it because the blog decides it wants to put the pictures in left field literally. Or edits the blog on it's own. Or loses my captions or pictures. I am going to blame it on my phone. Yeah the phone did it!

               So as I say with clenched teeth. Let's try this again.

               I have this vintage exercise bicycle. It is from the late 70's. I love it, but I think it hates me. The seat is kind of rusted and so it slides forward without warning. Causing my knee to crash into the console, dashboard, knee bruising thingamabobble of doom.

              Even though it does that it is still a wonderful exercise machine. And still works, even though it came from the era of bell bottoms and shag carpet. I would have shown you a picture of my knee, but my knees look weird. And they definitely aren't my best feature. One reason I always wear knee length skirts. And then there is that whole modesty thing, which is very important to me.

               I have another piece of exercise equipment that I also love and it is also vintage. It is a mid nineties Total Gym. Best thing that we ever purchased. Even though it is almost 20 years old. It is still going strong. And a huge contributor to my lovely after pictures.

             And I am in Week Five of my exercise goals! Even though I haven't managed to get up at the crack of dawn to exercise. I have managed to exercise, five days a week for at least thirty minutes. And last week when I had a wrench thrown into my plans. I still exercised. A while ago, I would have used that as an excuse to not exercise. And I do believe that is fabulous!

(Update) So I find out the hard way that I should not delete pictures off of my phone when I have used them in my blog. I thought once you put something out on the internet. It was there forever. Apparently not in all cases.

The Lovely vintage Bicycle that hates me

The instrument panel or the thingamabobble of doom

The seat in cahoots with the instrument panel
**Note: Don't began any exercise or diet program. Or make any health goals without first consulting your doctor.

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