Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Motivation and New Goals!

     **Note** All my weight was lost using Points Plus. I have not and will not. Use Smart Points. **Note**

     **IMPORTANT NOTE** Exercise is wonderful, but before you start any program. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. This is my journey. Just make sure that you are healthy enough to exercise before you start any program.

    I have no motivation to exercise. I try to get involved in an exercise program and I just cannot stick to it. I am so jealous of those people that love exercise. Maybe they got my exercise loving genes? And I got their carbohydrate loving genes? On the subject of carbs, I love them and not giving them up, ever. I digress.

    So far with Spark People and Weight Watchers. I have lost 40 pounds. The first 20 with Spark People took a while, because I kept falling off the wagon. I could have saved myself a lot of disappointment. If I hadn't fallen off the wagon. The last 20 with Weight Watchers were all lost in 2014. Both are very good programs in their own right. And it [isn't] Spark Peoples fault that I kept falling off the wagon. Ok there is no use in beating myself up over what is in the past.

     I have started on a new path in my weight loss journey and that is maintenance. Those people that are in maintenance tell me that keeping the weight off is as hard as losing it. I can believe that. If you relax and stop tracking your food. Then it would be easy to start gaining it back. I know that I must track my food for the rest of my life. Whether through Spark or Weight Watchers. I need that feature to keep me accountable.

     So where is my motivation to exercise? I know, it is good for you. It can help prevent disease. It will help you feel better. A pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat. It is a misnomer that muscle weighs less than fat. What happens is fat is like a container of feathers. Muscle is like a piece of steel. You are going to need a lot of feathers to get to add up to a pound. A pound of steel would take up a lot less space. And that is what I want to do. I want to turn my feathers into steel. And yet that is still not enough motivation.

     I like to get prizes. When I was little. I liked earning the chance to pick out of the treasure box. I was always so proud of my little doo dad. I have fond memories of earning VBS bucks and getting to spend them at the little shop in the church basement. And that is how I am going motivate myself to exercise. The prize will be cheap but fabulous.

     My goal is to exercise, five days a week for thirty minutes a day. Every week that I do that. I will give myself a little inexpensive and yet totes fabu prize. And when I continue for six weeks. I get a bigger prize at the end. I have no idea what that will be.  The ultimate prize is a dress from a website called Mod Cloth. The way that fat collects around my tummy. Makes me a plus size at Mod Cloth. I want to be able to buy any of their dresses. And not be disappointed that I have to send it back. That might be a while from now. Maybe at twelve weeks or more. Or maybe six weeks, I hope, I hope.

    And for every six week period of exercise. I get one week of rest. And there are rules. To miss a day of exercise, I have to be sick enough to cancel a hair appointment. The salon I go to, I usually make my hair appointments at least two months in advance. Don't even ask about making a Saturday appointment. I have made those three or four months in advance. And to get another can be difficult. Which is why I don't like to cancel them.

    So I will do that. I will be back every week to share my progress. And the pictures of my cheap but fabulous prize. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be fabulous. 

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