Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best Invention Ever! (For Ladies that Wear Skirts)

               I love to wear skirts. I am the quintessential girly girl. What I don't like is even when I am wearing a modest length skirt and I bend over to clean up after my dogs.

          Or pick something up off of the ground or get something out of the trunk of my car. Basic activities like that. The back of the skirt will rise up and expose more skin than I am comfortable with showing. After all I don't wear short shorts. I am just not comfortable showing that much skin. (my shorts all come from Bermuda)

          I tried other products that shall remain nameless. As they didn't help the problem and just rode up with the skirts.

         Jockey brand makes a product called Skimmies Slip Shorts. I would look at them in the catalog. The cost is slightly prohibitive. They are about $20-22 a pair. I finally bought some. Why didn't I buy them sooner?  And even in 90 degree weather they are so comfortable. I admit, I was a little nervous buying them. Usually stuff like this. You put it on and it squeezes one part in and you pop out of another. And you end up looking like a busted can of biscuits. Not with these. Very comfortable and they fit is nice. I miss them when I am not wearing them.


         If you are concerned about the price.There are usually coupon codes and sales to bring the cost down.  Target sells a lower priced version called JKY for less. The more expensive version comes in many different colors. I have only seen the lower priced version in black and white. I am not saying that the lower priced JKY brand doesn't come in other colors, I don't know I haven't seen them.

        Even though I assume that both types of Skimmies are made by the Jockey company. My experience is with the more expensive ones. I would highly recommend shelling out the extra money for those.

        I just thought you all would like to know about this incredible find. Over exposure is so [not] fabulous.


  1. Back in the late sixties and early seventies we wore "petty pants" under our cute short dresses. My mom sewed them for me but lingerie departments had them too. I'm still a sewist and have thought of making some today as a slip alternative. They are basically like elastic waist pants made in lingerie fabric with an elastic waist (and usually a cute bow at the waist). Also they often had lace along the bottom edge.Also fun to sew a camisole that matches.

    Just in case others who read your blog are sewists. I think I will go and write a blog posting in my sewing blog about these! No, I didn't come here to promo my blog. I came in response to your Spark People note re: my Disneyland posting.

    1. I remember my mom used to make those for me. I am glad that they are coming back around. It is embarrassing to bend over and show everyone everything.
      My mom can sew and my sister can. I didn't get that talent.

  2. "Pettipants". They are still out there. The Vermont General store sells a kind of full version.
    Enough history lesson!