Monday, November 3, 2014

Adventures at the Olive Bar!

     I wanted to make a certain type of pasta that used tomatoes and olives. And I have to say this is my version of the pasta dish. For those of you that are Italian Food Purists. I will probably shame you to no end with my thrown together version. Truth is, recipes bore me. The only time I use recipes is when I am baking. When absolute measurements matter. Otherwise no recipes. Just let my taste buds guide me.

        So moving on with, Adventures in Olives! The I went to an olive bar and picked out my special gourmet olives.  Before starting I lurves I mean love Olives. I eat one and find out they have pits. Didn't know this. Wouldn't have purposefully bought pitted olives.

         I love to cook but I am no Martha Stewart. How on Earth am I going to pit all these olives? And be able to eat dinner before 9pm? I tried just slicing them, but those sweet little pits clung to their olives. When I would chomp down on a olive. I noticed that the pit would shoot right out. Knowing that I couldn't bite every olive to get the pit out. Or could I? No, no I couldn't that would be really gross. And then I would end up eating all the olives instead of using them in the dinner.

      So I came up with the idea of smashing them with a knife.......

..........Ok that works, but I am so bored just pitting one at a time.  I just couldn't see smashing twenty or thirty olives one a time. I am about to fall out of my chair and fall sound asleep just thinking about it. So I put a couple olives on the cutting board and smash them all together.
          Ahhhhh! Much Better!
         I dice some fresh Roma Tomatoes and mix in some Italian seasonings. These seasonings are pre mixed and so I don't know what is in them. Then mix in my pitted and chopped olives with some minced garlic. Cooked it at 400 degrees for an hour. After that I plated my pasta added my tomato and olives. Then added some mozzarella cheese. And I have my dinner. And I tell you, it was delicious. Will make this again, very soon!

        Because when you make a really good, fresh and homemade dinner. It is fabulous and it is not tyranny. Far from it. I love a fabulous home cooked meal.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! When I give advice on how to get olive oil stains off of your tablet cover. Just kidding, but seriously an oily tablet cover is not Fabulous.

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