Monday, July 21, 2014

Why! Oh! Why!

             Why is it so easy to gain weight?  And so hard to lose it? Finally made it to maintenance and now struggling to find my calorie sweet spot. I am working hard so that I am a success and I don't gain the weight back. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

In the Home Stretch

     Finally I am on Week Six and next week I get to rest! I already know that I that I won't be able to exercise on Friday. So I am adding five minutes to my stationary bicycle exercise Monday-Wednesday and adding ten minutes on Thursday. Then adding a set of each exercise to my Total Gym routine.

     I decided that I could save money by quitting Weight Watchers. I still highly recommend them for losing weight. Once you figure it out join Spark People. Both are excellent resources for health and fitness. Spark People is free.

      I haven't lost any additional weight since reaching maintenance. I guess that is ok since that is what Maintenance means. LOL! Must find my daily calorie sweet spot. When I try to eat in maintenance calories, I gain. Why is it so easy to gain it back and so hard to lose? So not fair.

         These are my goal dresses
Goal Dress Number One!

Goal Dress Number Two. Although Comparing Sizes I think I will Get in This Dress First!

I hung both dresses up in front of me so that they would be prominent in my mind.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Best Invention Ever! (For Ladies that Wear Skirts)

               I love to wear skirts. I am the quintessential girly girl. What I don't like is even when I am wearing a modest length skirt and I bend over to clean up after my dogs.

          Or pick something up off of the ground or get something out of the trunk of my car. Basic activities like that. The back of the skirt will rise up and expose more skin than I am comfortable with showing. After all I don't wear short shorts. I am just not comfortable showing that much skin. (my shorts all come from Bermuda)

          I tried other products that shall remain nameless. As they didn't help the problem and just rode up with the skirts.

         Jockey brand makes a product called Skimmies Slip Shorts. I would look at them in the catalog. The cost is slightly prohibitive. They are about $20-22 a pair. I finally bought some. Why didn't I buy them sooner?  And even in 90 degree weather they are so comfortable. I admit, I was a little nervous buying them. Usually stuff like this. You put it on and it squeezes one part in and you pop out of another. And you end up looking like a busted can of biscuits. Not with these. Very comfortable and they fit is nice. I miss them when I am not wearing them.

         If you are concerned about the price.There are usually coupon codes and sales to bring the cost down.  Target sells a lower priced version called JKY for less. The more expensive version comes in many different colors. I have only seen the lower priced version in black and white. I am not saying that the lower priced JKY brand doesn't come in other colors, I don't know I haven't seen them.
        Even though I assume that both types of Skimmies are made by the Jockey company. My experience is with the more expensive ones. I would highly recommend shelling out the extra money for those.
        I just thought you all would like to know about this incredible find. Over exposure is so [not] fabulous.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I Think That my Stationary (or is it Stationery) Bicycle Hates Me!

               I also am beginning to think this blog hates me. As I have tried to write this blog three times and had to delete it because the blog decides it wants to put the pictures in left field literally. Or edits the blog on it's own. Or loses my captions or pictures. I am going to blame it on my phone. Yeah the phone did it!

               So as I say with clenched teeth. Let's try this again.

               I have this vintage exercise bicycle. It is from the late 70's. I love it, but I think it hates me. The seat is kind of rusted and so it slides forward without warning. Causing my knee to crash into the console, dashboard, knee bruising thingamabobble of doom.
So vintage, I believe that color was called Harvest Gold, back in the day

The seat that is in cahoots with the Knee Bruising Thingamabobble of doom

And finally without further ado, the Knee Bruising Thingamabobble of Doom

             Even though it does that it is still a wonderful exercise machine. And still works, even though it came from the era of bell bottoms and shag carpet. I would have shown you a picture of my knee, but my knees look weird. And they definitely aren't my best feature. One reason I always wear knee length skirts. And then there is that whole modesty thing, which is very important to me.
               I have another piece of exercise equipment that I also love and it is also vintage. It is a mid nineties Total Gym. Best thing that we ever purchased. Even though it is almost 20 years old. It is still going strong. And a huge contributor to my lovely after pictures.
             And I am in Week Five of my exercise goals! Even though I haven't managed to get up at the crack of dawn to exercise. I have managed to exercise, five days a week for at least thirty minutes. And last week when I had a wrench thrown into my plans. I still exercised. A while ago, I would have used that as an excuse to not exercise. And I do believe that is fabulous!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quick Mashed Potatoes!

You have those times when you wanted to make mashed potatoes. Something happens like you get lost on Social Media and there isn't enough time to boil them. And it takes a good hour or more, to get them done. I call these my Oh No! Mashed Potatoes. Cuz Oh No! I spent to much time updating my status and now I don't have time to make mashed potatoes!

That happened to me one day. It had completely slipped my mind to boil the potatoes on the stove and I didn't have time to even make another vegetable. (What to do? What to do?) So I pulled out The Microwave Pasta Pot.  Best invention ever for busy cooks. You can steam veggies as well as cook pasta.

Cook potatoes according to pasta pot instructions

I know that all my readers are super smart and fabulous. I must tell you this. Use CAUTION when you get the pasta pot out of the microwave, the pot is very hot. And the water and potatoes are really very hot.  Not just Hot! but very VERY HOT! So please use EXTRA CAUTION! 

Place one potato in the bowl at a time. And mash with a fork. I like to leave the skin on, but you can peal them before hand if that is your desire

Heat milk in a heat safe container in the microwave. Add milk 1/4 of a cup at a time. Too much milk and you will have Uh Oh! Potato Soup. Which wouldn't be bad, come to think of it. Add a couple tablespoons of butter and a dash of salt to taste.
If you want them smooth, then you can beat them with a hand mixer.

And you are done. I haven't measured it from start to finish, but it takes a lot less time than regular mashed potatoes.
And the mashed potatoes are wonderful. Your family won't know that you didn't slave over a hot stove all day.
And I won't tell!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivationally Motivated, but not Really Motivated Enough to Stick to My Second Goal and it Caused a Small Fail

          It is hard to believe that I am already in week four.  Seems like no time at all. Then it seems like forever and an eternity.  Last week I wanted to get up at 6am and exercise. That way it would be over with and I would not have to worry all day. I am not a morning person so that was a fail.

           I did manage to exercise every day as planned. On Wednesday after hitting the snooze button for like the zillionth time. I was trying to figure out how I could be sick. So that I could get out of exercise. Then I had this moment. I realized that I was almost halfway to my goal and if I didn't exercise, it would be par for the course. I always give up right about that moment.

          So I got up and..............

                                            ..............took these precious girls out.

             If I didn't take care of them first. They would cry. And I know I don't like the feeling of having to go to the bathroom and being hungry. So in the morning they are my first priority.

             On Friday I had a lot of lemons to zest for a desert that I was making for a party.  That took a lot of energy and even though I think that lemon zesting should be considered an upper body strength training workout. I didn't use that as an excuse not to exercise. I would have before.

       On Saturday, I ate many good things. So grateful that my Weight Watchers points reset on Sunday. And I get to start all over.   Getting to start all over and not beating yourself up for you shortcomings, is fabulous. (And BT dubs, so are those Lemon Brownies)


Monday, June 16, 2014

New Goals, Exercise!

        I made it to my third week. And the past two weeks I have exercised as planned! Yeah! Despite last weeks dip in motivation. My favorite motivational quote.

People often say Motivation doesn't last. Well neither do
showers and that is why they are recommended daily. 
~Zig Ziglar

        So this week I have a new goal. I wanted to get up at 6 am every day and exercise. That way I have the rest of the day to do the things I need too and exercise will be over. Today I did not. I just kept hitting the snooze button. I did exercise in the morning. A lot sooner than I did last Monday. Last Monday I exercised at 5 pm. So I consider that a small victory. Thankfully that tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it. (that came from Anne of Green Gables, I am not sure who said it)

              So do you ever jusr have one of "those" days? That was my morning. First I did not get up when I wanted. Then when I went to take this precious little lady out......

     The grass murderers, I mean landscapers were outside.  They were outside killing I mean trimming the bushes. And sweet Olivia doesn't like strangers, AT ALL. Strangers with power saws, fuhgedaboudit!
           Well at least I exercised. And the day is beginning to look up. Let's see what the rest of this week brings. Being hopeful is fabulous.