Saturday, April 11, 2015

Modest Running Clothes

       I was in a store and I have gained a little weight since last summer. And so with warm weather coming soon. I was looking for some cute and modest running clothes. Exercise apparel that wouldn't break the bank. Which I didn't find in the store I was shopping at. They had some very snug shorts that looked like men's boxer briefs. And some very snug Capri pants. Next to the teeny tiny t-shirts. Seriously, these were so teeny tiny the XL looked like it would barely fit a toddler. Do these things stretch?
      I am currently not in good physical shape. Like I said, I have gained extra weight. I have always looked rather doughy. So these very fitted styles of exercise apparel would look horrific on me. I can hear people screaming, My eyes, My eyes! Please put some clothes on! We can't take it anymore! It just wouldn't be a good look.

   I can see why a woman would want snug shorts. The kind that are lose and flowy would get all bunched up and uncomfortable. Unless you have a thigh gap. Let's face it. For most of us girls. The thigh gap isn't happening. Stop trying to make the thigh gap happen. It's not happening! That has to do with genetics and how your femur connects to your hips. I digress, that is another blog entirely.

    While out exercising one day. I did see a lady who looked as if she stepped out of the pages of Runners World. She had her matching top, pants and running shoes. All in a beautiful shade of chartreuse. Looking very graceful and elegant with correct strides and proper running form. I thought one day, I will look fit and elegant like that. Even if I was in fantastic shape like this young lady. I think I would still desire modest exercise apparel.

    Getting very personal and even TMI. My thighs are madly in love with each other. They are in that honeymoon phase and won't stop touching. (I warned you, I told you it was TMI) Which makes wearing loose running shorts very uncomfortable. That is why I like a running skirt with Jockey Skimmies slip shorts underneath. (Jockey Skimmies slip shorts is the best invention ever, just so you know)

    So I head to my favorite website, Amazon. I find a super cute skaters skirt. Alas, I should have read the reviews. If I had read the reviews. I would have found out that this skirt is really short and barely covers the essentials. And unlike one of the reviewers. I don't really think it is cool to panty flash anyone. Or in my case Skimmie flash anyone. If I thought that was cool. I would just buy and wear the mens women's boxer briefs. I would wear them in all my dough girl glory.

      After trying that skirt on and finding it quite unsuitable. I found another skirt. I bought it in a large and it is eighteen inches long. The smaller sizes are shorter. So when I reach the smaller sizes. I don't know if this skirt will still work.

     And Jockey Skimmies Slip Shorts. Which are seriously the best thing since sliced bread. Not just for running and exercising. I wear them with dresses, too. They give a little more coverage and security.

Because not only do I think getting fit is fabulous. I think being modest is super fabulous.

My Skirt from Amazon with my very cute Kentucky Derby T-shirt

Friday, March 27, 2015

Training for a 5k

     Turning forty doesn't really feel much different than thirty nine. I do feel a lot better than I ever did in my twenties.  I dress better, too.  While in my twenties I gasp to think about how much I needed Stacy and Clinton. Why didn't anyone turn me into "What Not to Wear"? And hair, don't even get me started on my past hair.

    I want this part of my life to be filled with different things. I always wanted to run. So I signed up for a 5k in September. I figure I have enough time to train for that. I want to run. I already know that I can walk 3.10 miles. I want to push myself to do what I have never done. Eventually I want to run The Boston Marathon, but baby steps.

     So I am building up my stamina. For two weeks I have been riding my stationary bicycle. Riding it for twenty minutes a day, six times a week.  Trying to slowly build up stamina. Like I said, baby steps. Next week my exercise routine changes.

     I had quit Weight Watchers. I decided to go back. I am tired of the weight creeping up and up. Slowly creeping back on. I had the most success with Weight Watchers. It is a very good program. I was doing Spark People. Don't get me wrong. Spark People is a great program. I just found ways to cheat while doing Spark. It wasn't them, it was me.

    Embarking on a new journey is Fabulous!

My two biggest fans and motivation!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Lady and Her Yoga Pants; A Love Story

     Once upon a time. In a land not so far away. There was a Lady. Her family had betrothed her to Jeans, but more often than not. Jeans had teased her and left her in tears. They never fit her properly. Especially at the clothing store in front of everyone. The Jeans seemed to take a malicious joy in upsetting her. And every twenty eight days or when she had fast food. The Jeans mocked her cruelly.

       Feeling low on a shopping trip. She walked into the athletic section. And that's where she met Yoga Pants. She tried on the Yoga Pants and spun around. She had finally found true love! The Lady and her Yoga Pants went every where. They went out to eat. To the grocery store. And believe it or not, they sometimes even went to yoga.

      Alas, the Lady's happiness did not last. She had an evil Twin Sister. The Twin Sister was always scheming to destroy the Lady and her Yoga Pants. So one day the evil one told the Jeans why they were abandoned in the dresser drawer. Together they went to call on the Prince of the County. All three conspired that Yoga Pants should be banished forever from the Lady's closet. And if the Lady was ever caught out in public with her beloved Yoga Pants. She would be thrown into a deepest darkest dungeon for many years and charged a hefty fine. 

      The People of the land. Heard of the Lady's plight. And how the Prince and the Evil Twin planned to banish Yoga Pants and the Lady to a deep dark dungeon. The People went to the King and Queen of the County and told them about these wicked plans. The King and Queen also thought that the law was absolutely ridiculous. And put a stop to it immediately. They also declared the Lady's birthday as The Official Yoga Pants Day. With a huge feast and street festival. Where the price of admission, even for the guys, was donning a pair of yoga pants. And the Lady and her Yoga Pants lived in comfort, Happily Ever After!

     Yes this story is satire and it is ridiculous. What is more ridiculous is that it's true. There is someone who makes laws. He wants to ban yoga pants!

     Fortunately for everyone with common sense. The bill is not going anywhere. I may not wear yoga pants that often. I don't want to take away anyone's right to wear them. It is a slippery slope when the government can legislate what kind of pants we can and can't wear. I think it is silly looking to wear pajama pants out in public. I would never try to get them banned. 

Wearing Yoga Pants, or even pajama pants. If that is what makes you comfortable, is fabulous. Preserving our personal freedoms is also fabulous!

Olivia hacking up a lung at the prospect of any woman losing their beloved yoga pants

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Comfort Food for Valentines Day or Any Day

Lasagna is not an everyday dish, but something wonderful to make for your love(s) on Valentines Day. I don't have an actual Valentine. So my loves this year are my family. Also my dogs, but they can't eat lasagna. Can you picture big brown eyes begging for a little?

My mother taught me how to make it. I asked her how much Mozzarella? She said, lots. More is better.

 Lasagna is not hard, just time consuming.

But it's well worth the effort

The finished and delicious product

Box of lasagna noodles
tomato sauce
diced tomatoes
tomato paste
Sausage (I use turkey sausage)

Cook noodles according to directions

Simmer all the tomato products together. Add basil (to taste)

Brown sausage in a skillet

Layer all the ingredients together. Starting with the noodles

Cook on 400 for an hour. Or until the center of the lasagna reaches 165 degrees. Everything is pretty much already cooked but cold lasagna ::shudders::

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Golly! What a Dilemma!

      I have just watched the series finale of Downton Abby. And I can't discuss it with anyone, but my mother. (And my dogs) I am sad to see the series go. Having heard that there may be a season 6. The producers and writers and indeed all the staff that is responsible for the show. They wrapped up season 5 so beautifully. I just can't see where they could take the show. If there is another season. I know I will be watching. Drinking tea and eating cookies and watching. Or I will just console myself with the DVD'S. I won't spoil it, but I think you should have kleenex ready for the final episodes.

     I will file this under, first world problems.

My binge watching buddies

Monday, January 26, 2015

Calling All Couponistas

   Knowing that some readers, friends and family are coupon experts. Feeling so excited to share this website. I could barely wait until Monday, when this blog is usually written.  This came from a sad feeling. After putting the coupons I couldn't use in the recycling bin. Googling, what to do with expired Coupons?  I found this website.

    Turns out that military Commissaries will take expired coupons.
Included below is a link to the website. And it has the addresses of military bases that will take these coupons.

*note* If you choose to do this. Make sure to read under the comments under the address. Some bases are closed and some have decided to no longer take coupons.

     Figuring out this whole coupon thing. One must agree that getting a $3 bottle of salad dressing for .99 cents because one has a coupon that doubles is so intoxicating. I may have a stock pile before all is said and done. Saving money and helping others save money is absolutely fabulous.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Forty Days of Good Deeds

    I'm about to leave my 30's and turn 4O. I was feeling quite out of it. I was having a mini mid life crisis.  I was having a hard time with the thought of getting older. 

     So instead of continuing in my mini mid life crisis. I am going to make my birthday about helping others. I don't want life to be about me. Or to be a pity party. Exactly 40 days before my birthday. I am going to pray that each day I can be a blessing to someone. This is coming up soon.

       I will post a couple of the things I do. Not to brag. The humble brag is absolutely not fabulous. Hopefully to be an inspiration to others. 


        Posting a cute picture of Lily Poo, just because. 

#Fabulous #40Days #40GoodDeeds #40DaysofGoodDeeds