Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ugly Truth: Week Two

          I have a confession to make. I don't like exercise. Still make myself do it, though. I also gained two pounds. Weight gain could be because recent intense exercise. At least that is what I tell myself.

Week Two 139.1
Week One 137.6
     Does muscle weigh more than fat? The answer is no. A pound, is a pound, is a pound. The analogy I like to use. A pound of whipped cream (yum whipped cream) and a pound of steel. Way the exact same thing, a pound. It is just that the pound of steel seems less dense. Plus it takes up less space. Hoping to turn my pounds of whipped cream into pounds of steel.
I look pregnant and I have never been blessed with a child

Normally not a fan of bathroom selfies. It is just that the light is so unforgiving.
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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Ugly Truth! Week One!


     All of my In Real life Friends and Family. Plus my Facebook friends and family. Know how crazy the past two weeks have been. The sad fact is that before the last two weeks. I had let myself go. I wasn't exercising at all. Nor was I following any sort of healthy eating plan. I would love to blame Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Those holidays are only part of the equation. As a person who is a caregiver. I had neglected myself. That has got to change. If I am sick. I cannot provide proper care to anyone. 
             I was hesitant to share these pictures. Going back and forth, to share or not to share? I am a Christian (AND PROUD OF IT!) As someone who doesn't really want to share anything that is inappropriate. Figuring that I needed to share The Ugly Truth! As one that looks fabulous in clothes. Hearing people  comment. You look fine. You don't need to lose any weight. Although those comments are well meaning. I don't feel fine. I need to lose this extra weight and body fat. Especially since it is that dreaded Belly Fat. The kind of visceral fat that reportedly can cause problems in the long run if not dealt with.
Week One 137.6 lbs
          I wanted to share my journey with you. Figuring that sharing my progress every week will keep me accountable. How will this be done? The old fashioned way. With a healthy diet and exercise. I will use Spark People. My favorite go to Health, Wellness and Fitness website. What I WILL NOT use. Overpriced diet pills, powders, shakes or gimmicks. I know that in the long run. Those things only make your wallet thinner. Have yet to meet anyone that needs to lose weight in their wallet.

          That is why I love Spark People. It is free. Their advice is free. Their nutrition tracker is free. Their exercise plans are, you guessed it, free. If you really want to commit you can buy Spark Premium. I haven't, but I hear there are no ads on Spark Premium. They are really pulling for you. They only profit from our success and not from our failure. Unlike the sellers of false hope in a jar.
Ugh! I have a lot of back fat.
       So I hope that you all will stick with me. As we all know. I didn't gain it in a week and I won't lose it in a week. Since this is going to be done correctly. It will take a while. I want this to be the last time I lose weight.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tales of a Piggy Squirrel

         Last week the East Coast was slammed with a blizzard.  My city got 28-30 inches, approximately. Just a couple pictures to let you see what we were dealing with. It was cold. It was so cold that I saw a crow out walking around in a parka and snow boots.

Behold the Piggy Squirrel in its natural habitat

Is that a car or a marshmallow? I vote car.
Do marshmallows have windshield wipers?
I went to sleep on Friday night. These things were
covered with three inches of snow. By Saturday night
they looked like this

Beautiful Icicles

Beautiful blue sky with more beautiful icicles

Another picture to show how much snow we
really got
      I don't want to write a blog about how much I dislike snow and winter. That would be depressing. People like snow. I get that. Personally I don't dislike it, per se. When we get a couple little storms here and there, three to six inches. Bring on the snow. As far as precipitation goes. Snow is much better than ice. When we get over one foot. Snow seriously loses it's luster. Over two feet and that is all she wrote, double dislike.

         Don't know if anyone else has this problem. When it snows 25-29 inches. Which causes us to be stuck in the house for days. I get a little blue. Then I get a little hungry, umm no make that ravenous. I become like my friend. The Piggy Squirrel. You see the Piggy Squirrel eats or tries to eat all the bird seed that was left out for the birds. I get a little down and I eat everything in the house. Preferably if it is carb and calorie laden. Sweet or salty, I am an equal opportunity binger. No food is safe. Everything is fair game. Well broccoli is safe. I don't binge on broccoli. Wish that broccoli was binge worthy. Then the scale wouldn't have delivered bad news of a three pound gain.

       Recovery from Piggy Squirrel Syndrome is a long process. When it only took a week to gain. It will probably take two weeks to lose. You would think from all my years of yo yoing, this would finally sink in.

    After all "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" ~ Albert Einstein.

     Didn't feel like exercising. From shoveling so much I was completely drained and sore. Probably sub consciously thinking, I must have burned thousands of calories. I deserve to eat this. That may have been true on Sunday, but not the rest of the week. Couldn't go anywhere stuck in the house and so I ate to compensate for the winter storm blues. One thing that would be good for me to finally learn. Is that eating everything in sight. Won't make the snow melt. Skipping exercising will cause worse feelings. Which will lead to over eating. Which will lead to worse feelings. Which will lead to over eating. A never ending vicious cycle.

         "Tomorrow is a brand new day, with no mistakes in it" ~LM Montgomery. So here is to Monday, Exercise and getting back on track!
This is Piggy Squirrel
Piggy Squirrel eats all the bird seed
He runs the other squirrels off
He runs the birds off
He runs away when he hears a human coming
Don't be like Piggy Squirrel

Thursday, December 31, 2015

How About Those New Year's Resolutions?

        Last year I said, I wasn't going to make any New Year's Resolutions. I didn't. I tried to be a better person throughout the year. I believe I was successful. My resolution was to make a series of small goals throughout the year and keep them. Did I do that? Did I keep them? Well there is always room for improvement.

      There is something magical with the thought, that tonight at Midnight. Everything is erased and we get a brand new book to write our stories in. Let's think of life this way. Instead of once a year. Every night at midnight, no matter what we did the previous day. We get a brand new blank page to write our stories in.

      Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a brand new day with no mistakes in it? ~Lucy Maude Montgomery

      That quote is somewhere in one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables. Anne had gotten her bestest friend in the whole entire world, Diana drunk. She mistook the port wine for strawberry cordial. Or did she mistake the strawberry cordial for port wine? Well that is not important. What is important, she made a big mistake and was able to rebound from it. The mistake had consequences. Diana's mother thought she was an evil trouble maker bent on destroying her daughter. For a long time Diana was forbidden from having any contact with Anne. You see, even when we make mistakes there are consequences. When it isn't a mistake and we choose to do something willingly. There are consequences. The good news is that we are able to learn from mistakes or choices and turn our lives around.
      We are free to choose our actions, but we are not free to choose the consequences. ~Stephen R. Covey

      In life and everything else choose wisely.

      I am not going to make resolutions. That is so intangible and seems so unworkable. I am going to choose to make small goals. Whether you choose to make small goals or resolutions. If you slip up, try again. If you don't give up. Even if you have a few set backs. You are still working at your goals. Even if you are running slowly, you're still lapping everyone on the couch.

      It also helps if you think of your resolutions, or small goals. If your resolution is to lose weight and exercise. That is rather vague. It seems insurmountable. Break it down into small and doable goals. I will talk to my doctor. Find an exercise plan that he or she approves. Then I will work on losing five pounds. And then I will work on losing five more pounds, and then five more pounds, etc.

     If your goal is to lose weight and exercise. I highly recommend Spark People. I will no longer recommend that other weight loss plan with two W's in their name.

     My small goals, in 2016
      ~ Run, actually run, in three 5ks
      ~ Start training for a half marathon
      ~ Make better food choices everyday of the week

 Make 2016 your year! And be Fabulous!

Vintage Schwinn exercise bicycle. My best and worst friend!

PS. I rung in New Years 2014 watching Downton Abbey. I rung in New Years 2015 watching Downton Abbey. Guess what I am going to do New Years 2016? Watch NCIS, well maybe a little. There is a marathon on the USA Network. I guess I will also watch Downton Abbey

Monday, November 30, 2015

I Did It! I Didn't Give Up!

     What I have been working on and blogging about for two months. Before stuffing myself like a turkey. I participated in the Turkey Trot to benefit LARS, Laurel Advocacy and Referral. A great organization that helps the homeless and people that are having trouble making basic ends meet.  

      Whenever I sign up for these events. I am happy until they day of the event. Then when having to wake up early in them morning. The same thoughts run through my head. Why did I do this? I don't want to go. I wonder if I can get out of it?

My number and my lovely chapeau
         Then upon arriving at the event. I want to go home. Can I go home? How can I get out of this? Sadly in the past. If I didn't want to go through something like this. I wouldn't. I just wouldn't show up. Desperately want to quit that type of destructive behavior. It is destructive. People learn that they cannot rely on you. Being considered unreliable. Is possibly the worst thing ever. 
Standing around waiting for things to begin. It was a very cold morning.
     When I started practicing for the Iron Girl 5k. I was finishing at one hour four minutes. By the time the Iron Girl came around. I was finishing at 54 minutes. This time when I did the Turkey Trot. My official finishing (according to Blue Cheetah Sports Timing) time is 47 minutes. I thought I had finished in 49 minutes. Finishing in 30 minutes, will be in my future.

My first 5k

     My new goal for the end of November, December and into the New Year. Is to not gain any extra weight during this delicious Christmas season.

**NOTE** This is my journey. Yours may be completely different. You should always discuss any new exercise program with your doctor.**

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Greetings from the Queen

     The Queen of Procrastination, that is. Bet that you didn't know that Procrastination was its own country? There is, it is north of the country of Dilly Dallying and south of Loafing. The capitol of Procrastination is Trifling. We are proud of our beautiful Frittering River. There are many loyal subjects in this country.

       I plan to move to Hastening, but not live in Rushing or Hurrying. One way to do this is to stay off of social media. Until I get the jobs I want to complete done. To get up earlier and not fritter around doing nothing useful. I no longer want to waste my time with frivoling.

        I waste a lot of time thinking of exercise. When I could be exercising. And if I had gone out and done what I needed to do. When I had first thought about it. I would be home.

        I would say wish my luck, I need a lot more that luck.

Princess of Procrastination

Monday, November 2, 2015

How'd This Happen?

         Sitting here and realizing, it's November 2!  How on Earth did that happen?  Less than a month until the 5k. As far as preparation goes. I'm not quite as prepared as I would like to be. So what to do, what to do? Start preparing for this thing like a crazy woman.

          In the past, I would use my lack of preparation. As an excuse to give up and quit. Well not this time! Just as it was stated above. Must start preparing like a crazy woman. Perhaps this will teach me to stop putting things off. And become a little more organized. I am working so hard on becoming organized.

Lauren Elaine Designs tag
Millpond Jewelry Co birthstone charms
Bracelets from JoAnn's Fabrics

     On the lighter side. Since I didn't receive a finishers medal. The finishers medals only went to those that finished the half marathon. And I didn't place. Well twentieth from last is a place. Isn't it? I gave myself a medal. And commemorated reaching an exercise goal in August.

Warm Tags Bracelet

 **NOTE** This is my own personal journey. Your journey may be different. Whichever path you choose. Please consult your doctor first **NOTE**