Tuesday, April 8, 2014


     I find that as women we are so busy taking care of everyone else. We never take time to take care of ourselves. It is almost like we feel guilty for taking time to take care of ourselves. I believe it was the TV judge, Judge Judy, that said women are like trees. In that we are the trunk and the roots of the tree. Our family are the branches of the tree. If the trunk and the roots don't take time to nourish themselves. The branches, our family, will suffer in the long run. Or maybe it was Dr. Laura. That is something that has resounded with me. Even if I cannot remember exactly who said it.

     Anyway my splurges are salon quality shampoo and a good haircut. Going to a salon where everybody knows my name. And every stylist intuitively knows how I like my hair cut. It is such a wonderful experience to be made to feel like you are the only client. Unlike other cheaper franchise salons that shall remain nameless.

      Believe it or not. This is near the end of my blog. I just wanted to write a little blurb to give you all totally fabulous ladies permission to do something good for yourself. Taking care of yourself, so that you can take care of your family is fabulous.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


       Being a lover of many English movies and period novels. My favorite is Persuasion, by Jane Austen. I love the book and the movie equally. Amanda Root as Anne Elliot and Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth are just delightful and perfect they could not have cast anyone better. The onscreen chemistry is just so amazing. And just in case you are wondering. I believe that Ciaran is pronounced Keer awn. Thought you would like to know since I spent a better part of a year trying to figure out how to pronounce the guys name. And he plays an awesome Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Just saying since that is a whole other blog.

       In a nutshell. Anne falls in love with Frederic Wentworth when she is 19. She loves him and wants to become engaged. Alas 'heavy sigh' she is rich and he is poor. And he has no connections. Remember in my last blog. Marriage was a business arrangement and love was just the icing on the cake. So Anne is persuaded by her busy body well meaning older friend, Lady Russell to give him up.

       So fast forward eight years. Anne's family is now on the brink of financial ruin and Captain Wentworth has made a nice little fortune for himself. He is quite the eligible bachelor. And has many forward young girls chasing after his newly made fortune  him. Even Anne's older sister Elizabeth, is trying to win the prize heart of Captain Wentworth. Please note that she wouldn't give him the time of day when he was just a poor sailor.

      So as in most Jane Austen novels. There is a lot of drama that keeps the two main characters apart. We finally find out that after all this time Captain Wentworth has loved Anne all this time and vice versa. Even after eight long years and many trials. 'sigh'

     And the three best parts of this movie. When Captain Wentworth declares his love for Anne. And after that when they go to an evening party and Elizabeth tells Anne that she shouldn't monopolize Captain Wentworth. That is a very bad habit of hers. Only to have him walk in a short time later to declare his love and that they are engaged. The stricken look on Elizabeth's face is priceless. Every time that I watch that movie. That is the number one best part. I never never get tired of it. And in true Jane Austen fashion, Frederick and Anne live happily ever after. 'heavy sigh'

      I guess I love this movie so much, because I think all of us single girls possibly have a Captain Wentworth. You dated when you were young. And for whatever reason it was perfect at the time. And circumstances pulled you apart. And now you just wonder what happened to that person. You wonder if he has married. And if he has, you wish him well. If he hasn't married you still wish him well.  PS. All the guys I dated in the past ten years. In my best Maury impersonation You are not my Captain Wentworth. So that there is absolutely no confusion. I was not speaking of you.

     I would love for this part of my life to be deliriously happy. Just like the ending of a Jane Austen novel. That would be fabulous.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Wish that Love was like a Jane Austen Novel (but Only the End)

    I must confess, I am a huge fan of Jane Austen's writings. Even though we lived two centuries apart. The funny thing is that she was born in 1775 and I was born in 1975. Though the similarities end there. I really love her novels. I even love the movies that are made from her novels. Although I would never fancy myself a modern day Jane Austen. I would like to think that maybe she would like to read my blog. 

     The only movie I didn't like was a recent version of Mansefield Park. I am a purist when it comes to these things. That particular movie took too many liberties. It made Sir Thomas Bertram seem like a creepy uncle and his wife a cheap floosy. I stopped watching half way through the movie.

     Even though these days her novels are mild. I would be willing to bet that a woman daring to challenge the status quo would be considered scandalous. Back then marriage was more of a business proposition. If you were a poor girl. It was your hope to marry well. If you happened to fall in love in the process that was just icing on the cake. I think many a girl married a man that they could barely tolerate. If she didn't get married to somebody (anybody) and have sons. Then after her father died, she was at the mercy of her brothers and uncles.

     Right about now I can only guess what you are thinking? Perhaps you are thinking. You want life to be hard for poor single women? You want a woman to be forced into a marriage of convenience. So that she can produce an heir and have someone to take care of her? Oh no! That isn't what I mean at all.  A marriage to someone that you cannot respect or love would be a drudgery.

     What I would love to happen real life that always happens in these novels is this. The poor girl with no connections always ends up deliriously happy by the end of the book. Whether she marries the proud Mr. Darcy or the humble Mr. Ferars. It would be my hope that every woman would end up deliriously happy, with someone that loves them madly. That my friends would be fabulous.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Fabulous about Winter?

    This is going to be a really short blog. I couldn't answer my own question. No matter how hard I tried. Couldn't think of anything fabulous about Winter. For a minute or two, I thought, when it snows. Then I remembered how I have to shovel it. That really ruins the moment. Or when it becomes dirty and just won't melt

     Then I was thinking with anticipation. How the tulips and daffodils are poking their delicate little heads out of the ground. In anticipation of Spring. And how on the news they have just announced the dates for the Cherry Blossom Festival. And I think of my own Cherry Tree blooming in all it's pink and white glory. And that gives me hope.

     And then you walk into stores and past your knit hat. You see sandals, flip flops and swimsuits. Next to the shorts, t-shirts and sundresses. And you lift your knit hat off of your forehead, to see the wonderful spring and summer clothes. You don't dare take your knit hat off. You know that hat hair is so not fabulous. The wonderful spring apparel says, don't worry winter will soon pass. You won't have to wear seventeen layers of clothes for long.

   So thinking really hard. I figured out that what makes winter fabulous is when it is over. I cannot lie. I wanted to write a positive blog, but it rang false. I knew that my smart readers would see right through me. Not only are my friends and readers smart. They are also fabulous for reading my blog.

    That being said. I am not going to complain about Summer. I love Summer and will love it even more when the current season is a distant memory. And if I could figure out how to have Fall, Spring and Summer. Skipping Winter all together. I would sign up for that.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How About those New Years Resolutions?

     How have you done on your New Years Resolutions? Personally I haven't done well at all. If Resolutions was a class in school. I would be repeating it next year. Even though I have not kept my resolutions. There is always something so promising about a brand new year. So instead of New Years Resolutions, I think I will resolve to start over every day.

     I did sort of become organized. I bought those velvet hangers and it has made the difference. There is now so much room in my closet. If you do decide to buy those velvet hangers. Spend a little more and get the name brand hangers. The ones by Joy Mangano. True they are pricey, but the bargain velvet hangers are cheap, but they are no bargain. The bargain hangers will snap in two with little weight. I was simply moving one of the bargain hangers and it snapped with no pressure put on it. The JM hangers seem very sturdy. You can easily tell the difference in quality just by looking at them and comparing them.

     Looking back on my resolutions. I didn't completely fail. Some of the resolutions that I would get a C average, exercise and eating more fruit and vegetables. Plus recently starting to read my Bible and pray more. So I will continue in those. And continue to try and be a better person. Knowing that we are all human and flawed. And even though we may look much better with the full compliment of makeup. We will continue to only use tinted lip balm.

     Well off to try and be a better person today. Be fabulous, not only fabulous, but fab u lous!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve and Resolutions

     I have already decided. I am going to spend this New Year's Eve at home. Quietly reflecting on this past year, 2013. Okay really, I have no life. With no fancy party or parties to attend. I just heard on TV that only 14% of people go to parties, so that means I am in good company.  And I know that going to bed well before midnight, is exactly what will happen.

(Update: I spent last night binge watching Downton Abbey. I love that series. How did I miss out on it for so long? Now I have to watch all three seasons so I will be caught up by Sunday)

       I sort of wish I had somewhere to go. Getting dressed up is one of my favorite things. For some strange reason, on New Years Eve, everyone drinking age is expected to get hammered. I choose not to drink for religious reasons. So that makes most of the New Years parties over priced. I went to one a long time ago. Spending $99 with the promise of a buffet. The Buffet was fettuccini Alfredo, grocery store rolls and broccoli. And the "buffet "was only open for an hour. I just cannot eat $99 worth of pasta, rolls and broccoli in an hour. Turns out the "buffet" was all you could drink alcohol. And that doesn't really appeal to me. I don't find being drunk, falling down drunk, hung over, or vomiting fabulous.

     Every year I make New Year's Resolutions. Doing a pretty good job of keeping them. My grade on keeping resolutions is about 75%. The only resolution where there is trouble is eating more fruit and vegetables. That is one resolution I really want and need to keep.

     I know that many people have given up on making resolutions. In thinking of the many reasons people don't keep their resolutions. Perhaps there is an all or nothing mentality? Or the goals are too hard to obtain or even stick with? If one makes a resolution to eat better and messes up one or two days, all is not lost. Or if you plan to exercise and you miss a day. Then get back in the saddle and do not give up.  It's never failure until you give up. Messing up and then readjusting and trying again is a learning experience.  If we fall down seven times, we must get back up eight.

     Now I know that you all have been waiting with baited breath. To hear my resolutions. Drum roll please.....nah just kidding.  Well here they are.

1) Read the Bible and Pray everyday
2) Eat one fruit and one vegetable a day, conquer my food nemesis
3) Exercise for 30 minutes, six times per week
4) Do my hair and makeup every day working on looking my best and most fabulous
5) Spend an hour a day becoming organized
6) Stay organized once I have become organized
7) Work on piano lessons at least 30 minutes a day six days a week

      Blogging every couple months about my resolutions will keep me accountable. I have a feeling that the whole veggie thing is going to be the hardest. Next hardest is becoming organized. Being a creative soul, it is really hard to put things in their proper place. It will be really hard to read my Bible everyday. Bible reading is just really hard. I can read and comprehend Jane Austin and Charles Dickens really hard books, but Bible reading goes in one ear and out the other. Will be working on concentrating.

     There is just something so wonderful and promising about a brand new year. Making plans to work on your life and improve it. And that is why I find New Year's Resolutions fabulous!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


     I have been thinking for a while. We woman are so hard on each other. And we are so hard on ourselves. We are sold a bill of goods by some ad executives and are made to feel like we are less than, if we don't measure up to this impossible standard of beauty. I know for a long time I was really hard on myself. So many flaws and so little space to name them all.

     So I have decided that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Even though I am far from perfect and I have many flaws. I have big pores and I am an apple shape. I will never have a thigh gap. Even when I was a Tiny Tina, I didn't have a thigh gap. And who on earth decided that a thigh gap was a desirable trait, but I digress.

     So in my search for helping woman feel better about themselves, I found this video on You Tube. Which I also call the Tubey Place, just so you know.  I wish I knew more about the person that made it, they are brilliant. There is just a bit of side boob and no nudity in this video, I checked.

   And this is from Dove Soap. Their Campaign for Real Beauty

     So as we see from those videos. These real women were turned into something they are not. They are attractive women. They were turned into a creative photographers idea of what a woman should look like. We can't compete with that! A famous supermodel once said that she wished she really looked like her print ads.

     I bought into the idea of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like. I dyed my hair blond. I couldn't afford to go to the salon so I bought grocery store dye. I don't recommend it. It wasn't very attractive. I cringe at those pictures from the early 2000's.

     So just because I am working on loving myself. That doesn't mean that I can give up. I am still going to exercise and eat healthy. I am going to be my most fabulous self. I am just not going to buy into the idea of what fashion magazines say is my most fabulous self. I am still going to wear make up and lovely clothes. I love fashion.

     In this blog I hope that I can give tips on how to be fabulous. Which you can take or leave, completely up to you. And affordable tips to boot. You will never read me telling you that you must have this adorable, yet plain white t-shirt, that is so affordable at the low, low price of $600. No way that won't come out of my blog. I don't care who makes it, a plain white t-shirt should cost no more than $10. If you add a picture of an adorable Japanese Chin, like Olivia. That is different.

    Just remember dear reader. To love yourself. You are like a fabulous snowflake and one of a kind!