Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June Results!

           These are the results for June. The weigh in for May was 143.3 and weigh in for June is 141.8. A loss of 1.7 lbs. I achieved this by using a mix of Spark People and the old Weight Watchers Points Plus. With Points Plus. I didn't necessarily stick to 26 points a day. I tried to stay in the 26-30 point range. It is okay if my points are over thirty. Just don't want them too far over thirty.

May 143.3 and June 141.8
Slow and steady wins the race
I refuse to use diet products to win that race

           When I started doing this I was at 139. Now my weight is like a pin ball just bouncing around. Trying to get back to 139 and stop the bouncing around. Yes weight fluctuates from day to day. I just want it to fluctuate on the downward. Soon I will be taking a picture of 139. Then taking a picture when there is a greater weight loss.

          This isn't for everyone. Personally, I weigh myself everyday. That helps me to stay on track. Then again, I realize that my weight will fluctuate and it doesn't upset me when that happens. If you step on the scale. And normal fluctuation from one day to another is devastating. Then weighing everyday. Is probably not a good idea for you.

My first goal is to get to 139 and under
Without the constant bouncing back and

          Telling someone just starting out. You have to find the keys that unlock your health. Yours may be vastly different from mine. I am not going to pretend like my diet is superior. Which honestly it's not. If it were though. I wouldn't act like me and my diet were so superior to you and your diet. I dislike people that do that. It's like when they lose the weight. They get amnesia and forget they were once in the same place.

          Isn't this just the cutest idea? Must give Spark People credit. I would have never thought of it. I got the jars from TJ Maxx (I heart Pineapples) The marbles came from Amazon. The large marbles represent pounds. The smaller marbles represent ounces.
A cute idea that I got from Spark People
As I lose weight I move the marbles to the jar on
the right
          I would have done this last week. My period and water weight gain, said ummm no! Although I don't mind getting my period. I am not going to complain. The water weight gain? Not so much!
June 2017 141.8

June 2017 141.8

June 2017 141.8

          I have been working on my exercise goals. Not quite there yet. Not anywhere near my goals yet. Refuse to give up!

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