Monday, May 1, 2017

May Results! No Longer the Ugly Truth!

          Getting these progress pictures was so difficult. It was like pulling teeth. So I'm only going to post monthly pictures and not weekly. If I could be honest! I am not very motivated, but I'm not giving up! I won't give up, but I just can't seem to get motivated. I feel unmotivated and irritated. This free blog site isn't helping one bit. With the irritation.


          A day trip to the beach. Which was absolutely wonderful. Resulted in eating a lot of yummy food. That wasn't at all good for me. Which resulted in a significant weight gain. I now weigh 143.3.

          So esessentially, I am starting again. All over again. 

          In the blog world. There's always a pressure to be always positive. Always be perfect. Always talk about how much you love exercise and healthy eating. Then there's my blog and I will always tell you the truth.

          I will tell you how it's hard and you may not feel motivated. Now I need to close, save and publish this blog before I get really upset. I'm thankful for this free blog but, it's worth every penny. Which isn't much. It's pretty obnoxious in fact. With its cursor jumping all over the place. Deleting pictures, when I don't want them deleted. Changing the font in mid sentence.

I won't endorse weight loss products. Ads should never be seen as an endorsement.

This is my journey. I'm not a doctor. Visit your healthcare proffesionals before starting your journey. blah, blah, blah you know the drill

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