Monday, April 24, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Sixteen! Goals!

          Today is a good day to start again! My goals, besides losing fifteen pounds, give or take. Are to be able to do a full push up. To be able to hold a full plank for a minute. To be able to do a side plank. Not the modified version. Even though there is nothing wrong with the modified version. I just want to be a able to do a full one.

           I am currently 141.5 lbs. I can do wall pushups. Barely do a full push up. Barely do a modified push up. The modified ones are hard as well. Hold a full and not modified plank for thirty seconds. Can do the modified for thirty seconds as well. Can't do a side plank at all. Can't do the modified side plank. All I can do of a side plank is, sit there with my butt on the ground and engage my core. What I learned in Pilates many, many years ago. If you can't do the exercise yet. Or even the modified version. Sit there with proper posture and engage your core. 

         Didn't do great this weekend. Sort of went off the rails, with my eating. Since food is good and diet food isn't. It is really hard to make good choices at restaurants. Most of the time. You see the regular menu and yummy! Then look at the diet menu. The diet menu isn't appetizing. If I wanted to eat shriveled up chicken breast with a side of overcooked spinach. I could have stayed home. Just kidding I am a good cook and would never prepare anything so nasty looking or tasting.


Bloated! so I feel like any progress is hidden
by the bloating.

         Even though the food choices weren't that great. I exercised four days last week. Skipped Thursday and Saturday, but did better than I had the previous two weeks. I figured out why I was so unmotivated with exercise. I was bored. It is so easy to get bored. So that made me change my program completely and now feel the burn. 

Progress comes slowly.
It was a workout in itself to get this garment fastened.

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