Monday, April 17, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Fifteen! Holiday Motivation Where Art Thou?

          Last week there was no motivation to be found.  None anywhere. I exercised one day and didn't record my food. The week before was quite similar. I think that I at least exercised, April 3-8th. Even if I didn't record my food.

Current Week Fifteen!
Week Thirteen Internetz broke no back up plan
Week Fourteen lazy and no motivation

As a result I am 143.1
The most I have weighed in three years.

Back on track with Week Fifteen!

          Oh I remember!  On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 6th through 8th. My innanetz was down. So no music or You Tube. Or Place to record my food. Made me realize. When something like that happens. A back up plan is what is needed. I need to get some old school CD's and print out some workouts.

        On April 10th. Internetz was back up. I exercised on April 10th. Lost all motivation to do anything remotely healthy, April 11th-16th. As you all know, the 16th was Easter. Also known as Resurrection Sunday. The Super Bowl of Christianity. And we eat too. Oh wow! Did I eat!

        So I am back and not giving up. Even with this small set back. I will use my error to figure out what needs to done differently. Not giving up.

         My hope is that your takeaway from this blog. Even if you lose your way. For a week or two or more. You can find your way back. You have only failed when you give up completely. If you find your way back. Then you haven't failed!

As always, if you see any diet product advertisers or spam sites on my blog. That should NEVER be considered an endorsement. I will delete and block any spammer. Count on it!

**DISCLAIMER** The opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone. This is my journey. I am neither a doctor nor a dietitian. Which you should consult before you begin any healthy journey **DISCLAIMER**

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