Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Haven't Given Up!

     There hasn't been a blog in a while, but haven't given up! Before going on Vacation in June. I had finally gotten down to 140 lbs. Then went on a lovely trip to visit family. After arrivng home and weighing! I was so excited because I had only gained .09 of a pound! Then there was a major setback and gained five pounds. At 145 lbs that was my highest weight in ten years. My biggest adversary is binge eating. Then I had to make a choice. Would all the weight that had been lost over ten years ago. Be gained back? (ten years ago, I weighed 160lbs) Or would this whole scale creeping up thing. Be gotten under control. And work to lose the weight again? My choice was to lose the weight again.

     As previously stated my biggest nemesis is binge eating. It happens when depressed or stressed. The last couple binges. The ones that caused my sharp weight increase. Were just because. No really good reason. Just because I could. Didn't make one lick of sense. I knew what the outcome would be while shoving my face full of food. Binges don't always make sense. One knows what the outcome will be, but does it anyway.

     From now on, I'm only going to blog. At every five pounds
Another blog at 140
Progress Picture at 135

It's a very sad day
when you have to remove the marbles from your
progress jar 

Even though this picture was taken in May!
This is what yours truly looks like currently!
At 145 lbs 😭


  1. Good for you!!! Do this while you're young and your hormones are still providing some assistance. Believe me, it will be triple hard the other side of menopause!