Monday, September 28, 2015

What Have I Signed Up For?

    When I had to wake up before the crack of dawn. On the morning of the Iron Girl Columbia. I told myself this wouldn't work out (pun intended) And thought that I would not be signing up for another 5k. I am far from my best so early in the morning. Not even qualify as a human before I have had my first cup of coffee.

      Previously I had intended to register for another race in November.  While waiting at the Iron Girl. I was carrying on this serious conversation in my head. I mean I might as well talk to myself. No one else was talking to me. At least I was talking in my head. I wasn't talking out loud. At least I don't think I was talking out loud. Good idea to wait and see if I wanted to do more 5ks. Definitely don't want to do anymore 5ks. Then after the race was complete. I thought, I sort of liked doing this and it did benefit a charity.

     Waking up earlier than usual is really the toughest part. Well next to the waiting and the 3.1 miles. The preparing, the feeling like a turkey vulture had come to take you into the after life. And the heat from preparing during the Summer. After all that waking up dreadfully early was really the hardest part. 

Just a little motivation

     So about this race in November. I felt like I was not ready for that. Seriously needing a lot more time to prepare. I will look for another race in April or May. I will have plenty of time to prepare for something that far in advance. So searching a 5k website there plenty of 5ks, just not for me. So I signed up for the one in November. This one also benefits charity.

     The thing about this race in November. I HAVE TO RUN! The coordinators have a separate event for walkers. So walking is not an option. I have two months to prepare, TWO MONTHS.  So now I am thinking, what did I just sign up for? Last time I had seven months. At the end of seven months I wasn't prepared. Now I have just under two months. What have I done?

    I have registered. And I will do this! Henry Ford said, Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. So I think can run.

Great things on the horizon

     **NOTE** This is my own personal journey. Your journey may be completely different. And you should always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. **NOTE**

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