Monday, March 13, 2017

Ugly Truth! Week Ten! Snow! Oh No!

          So here we are. Those of us in the Northeast. Waiting on this supposed big snow storm that is supposed to come our way. Working hard on silencing my typing fingers. Planning to keep this blog positive. This isn't going to become a woe is me, I despise snow, blog. Even though I do. It is quite an exercise in self control. Who wishes that exercising self control could burn calories? Raises hand! That would make it more worthwhile.

          I predict. That we will get little to no snow. Even if it is only wishful thinking. Normally I would be so stressed about the pending snow. That it would be used as an excuse to avoid my daily exercise. So proud of myself, no excuses, exercised today. I even started a new exercise routine.

     Currently at peace with this storm. Come what may. Which is hopefully rain, but not freezing. I will be wearing my pajamas right side out. To make the snow go away. Go far, far away. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people to the north of me. They don't need this nasty stuff either.

This Week 140.7
Last Week 137.6

          This weeks weight gain brought to you by, a second burst of Winter.
The weather had been gorgeous and beautiful. Then on Friday, the bottom fell out. When it is really cold outside. My brain goes into hibernation mode and I stuff my face. That is also what happened last week on my birthday. The weather was beautiful and then we got a cold snap. Which caused me to eat myself out of house and home. Really need to find a way to cope with weather changes.

I Still like to imagine that I am
seeing progress in the mirror.

          Isn't that the way life works though? Everything is wonderful and beautiful. Then the bottom drops out. It becomes a baron wasteland of cold and yuck. You can't see your way through. I will survive this bitter cold snap. Even though I will complain about it incessantly on Facebook and Twitter. (sorry friends and followers, LOL!)

This really is my back.
Like a busted can of biscuits

UPDATE: We received about three inches of snow from this storm. My thoughts and prayers go to those North of me. That got dumped on.

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