Monday, March 27, 2017

The Ugly Truth! Week Twelve! Thank You So Much!

          I want to give a big Thank You! To everyone who has read my blog. Everyone who has cheered me on and everyone who has sent me well wishes. I really appreciate it! More than you know!

140.4 this week
So a gain, Heavy sigh!

          This week is the end of the first cycle. Next week begins a new one. Hoping to get off of the gain loss roller coaster. And get on the path to weight loss. The path to healthy weight loss. Eating the right amount of calories. Not starving myself. Definitely avoiding the use of weight loss supplements.

Is it just wishful thinking?
Or do I actually see some

          The weather has warmed up beautifully. The sun is shining right now. Can no longer use weather as an excuse. Not that it was ever a good excuse. In the first place. 

Progress and not perfection
At least that is what I keep
telling myself!

          I just can't stop saying Thank You! Thank You for coming with me this far. Stick with me! One day I will have awesome after pictures. Not just progress pictures!

As always, if you see any diet product advertisers or spam sites on my blog. That should NEVER be considered an endorsement. I will delete and block any spammer. Count on it!

**DISCLAIMER** The opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone. This is my journey. I am neither a doctor nor a dietitian. Which you should consult before you begin any healthy journey **DISCLAIMER**


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