Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Ugly Truth; Week Eleven! Triggered by Winter! 😂

          Last week's snow didn't amount to much. Cold weather had me down. The weather was horrible and not just cold. It was frigid cold. I would take the dogs out in snow pants and a ski jacket. The wind and cold would penetrate them. Then the weather improved. It is going back to hideous frigid cold, tomorrow. Thankfully the hateful stuff will only last two days. I will let you know if I survive without binging and emotional eating. Cold weather always makes me so down.

140.7 Last Week
138.7 This Week

          My thoughts used to be this way. That we could have one week of winter. We could have one big snow storm. Now I think winter can go hang. It can just go away. And never, ever come back. After all it had six months to get it's stuff together. So it can just go away!

Didn't feel good in the morning.
Because of my menstrual cycle.
Felt better in the evening so I

          I am sorry that this blog isn't the usual happy and positive blog. I am a huge ball of emotions. I feel gross and bloated . I'm in a horrific mood at the thought of the approaching weather. I mean seriously! Winter is like that obnoxious pest of a houseguest that just cannot get a clue. Go away already! I would rather be real and authentic than fake happy. Fake happy people are more obnoxious than winter.

I guess this will be the last place that
I see results.

          So we shall see.....tune in next week. The weather will be better and I am sure that my mood will be better, too.

As always, if you see any diet product advertisers or spam sites on my blog. That should NEVER be considered an endorsement. I had to delete and block a spammer last week.

**DISCLAIMER** The opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone. This is my journey. I am neither a doctor nor a dietitian. Which you should consult before you begin any healthy journey **DISCLAIMER**

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