Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is Fabulous about Winter?

    This is going to be a really short blog. I couldn't answer my own question. No matter how hard I tried. Couldn't think of anything fabulous about Winter. For a minute or two, I thought, when it snows. Then I remembered how I have to shovel it. That really ruins the moment. Or when it becomes dirty and just won't melt

     Then I was thinking with anticipation. How the tulips and daffodils are poking their delicate little heads out of the ground. In anticipation of Spring. And how on the news they have just announced the dates for the Cherry Blossom Festival. And I think of my own Cherry Tree blooming in all it's pink and white glory. And that gives me hope.

     And then you walk into stores and past your knit hat. You see sandals, flip flops and swimsuits. Next to the shorts, t-shirts and sundresses. And you lift your knit hat off of your forehead, to see the wonderful spring and summer clothes. You don't dare take your knit hat off. You know that hat hair is so not fabulous. The wonderful spring apparel says, don't worry winter will soon pass. You won't have to wear seventeen layers of clothes for long.

   So thinking really hard. I figured out that what makes winter fabulous is when it is over. I cannot lie. I wanted to write a positive blog, but it rang false. I knew that my smart readers would see right through me. Not only are my friends and readers smart. They are also fabulous for reading my blog.

    That being said. I am not going to complain about Summer. I love Summer and will love it even more when the current season is a distant memory. And if I could figure out how to have Fall, Spring and Summer. Skipping Winter all together. I would sign up for that.

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