Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How About those New Years Resolutions?

     How have you done on your New Years Resolutions? Personally I haven't done well at all. If Resolutions was a class in school. I would be repeating it next year. Even though I have not kept my resolutions. There is always something so promising about a brand new year. So instead of New Years Resolutions, I think I will resolve to start over every day.

     I did sort of become organized. I bought those velvet hangers and it has made the difference. There is now so much room in my closet. If you do decide to buy those velvet hangers. Spend a little more and get the name brand hangers. The ones by Joy Mangano. True they are pricey, but the bargain velvet hangers are cheap, but they are no bargain. The bargain hangers will snap in two with little weight. I was simply moving one of the bargain hangers and it snapped with no pressure put on it. The JM hangers seem very sturdy. You can easily tell the difference in quality just by looking at them and comparing them.

     Looking back on my resolutions. I didn't completely fail. Some of the resolutions that I would get a C average, exercise and eating more fruit and vegetables. Plus recently starting to read my Bible and pray more. So I will continue in those. And continue to try and be a better person. Knowing that we are all human and flawed. And even though we may look much better with the full compliment of makeup. We will continue to only use tinted lip balm.

     Well off to try and be a better person today. Be fabulous, not only fabulous, but fab u lous!


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