Monday, November 30, 2015

I Did It! I Didn't Give Up!

     What I have been working on and blogging about for two months. Before stuffing myself like a turkey. I participated in the Turkey Trot to benefit LARS, Laurel Advocacy and Referral. A great organization that helps the homeless and people that are having trouble making basic ends meet.  

      Whenever I sign up for these events. I am happy until they day of the event. Then when having to wake up early in them morning. The same thoughts run through my head. Why did I do this? I don't want to go. I wonder if I can get out of it?

My number and my lovely chapeau
         Then upon arriving at the event. I want to go home. Can I go home? How can I get out of this? Sadly in the past. If I didn't want to go through something like this. I wouldn't. I just wouldn't show up. Desperately want to quit that type of destructive behavior. It is destructive. People learn that they cannot rely on you. Being considered unreliable. Is possibly the worst thing ever. 
Standing around waiting for things to begin. It was a very cold morning.
     When I started practicing for the Iron Girl 5k. I was finishing at one hour four minutes. By the time the Iron Girl came around. I was finishing at 54 minutes. This time when I did the Turkey Trot. My official finishing (according to Blue Cheetah Sports Timing) time is 47 minutes. I thought I had finished in 49 minutes. Finishing in 30 minutes, will be in my future.

My first 5k

     My new goal for the end of November, December and into the New Year. Is to not gain any extra weight during this delicious Christmas season.

**NOTE** This is my journey. Yours may be completely different. You should always discuss any new exercise program with your doctor.**

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