Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


     I have been thinking for a while. We woman are so hard on each other. And we are so hard on ourselves. We are sold a bill of goods by some ad executives and are made to feel like we are less than, if we don't measure up to this impossible standard of beauty. I know for a long time I was really hard on myself. So many flaws and so little space to name them all.

     So I have decided that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Even though I am far from perfect and I have many flaws. I have big pores and I am an apple shape. I will never have a thigh gap. Even when I was a Tiny Tina, I didn't have a thigh gap. And who on earth decided that a thigh gap was a desirable trait, but I digress.

     So in my search for helping woman feel better about themselves, I found this video on You Tube. Which I also call the Tubey Place, just so you know.  I wish I knew more about the person that made it, they are brilliant. There is just a bit of side boob and no nudity in this video, I checked.

   And this is from Dove Soap. Their Campaign for Real Beauty

     So as we see from those videos. These real women were turned into something they are not. They are attractive women. They were turned into a creative photographers idea of what a woman should look like. We can't compete with that! A famous supermodel once said that she wished she really looked like her print ads.

     I bought into the idea of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like. I dyed my hair blond. I couldn't afford to go to the salon so I bought grocery store dye. I don't recommend it. It wasn't very attractive. I cringe at those pictures from the early 2000's.

     So just because I am working on loving myself. That doesn't mean that I can give up. I am still going to exercise and eat healthy. I am going to be my most fabulous self. I am just not going to buy into the idea of what fashion magazines say is my most fabulous self. I am still going to wear make up and lovely clothes. I love fashion.

     In this blog I hope that I can give tips on how to be fabulous. Which you can take or leave, completely up to you. And affordable tips to boot. You will never read me telling you that you must have this adorable, yet plain white t-shirt, that is so affordable at the low, low price of $600. No way that won't come out of my blog. I don't care who makes it, a plain white t-shirt should cost no more than $10. If you add a picture of an adorable Japanese Chin, like Olivia. That is different.

    Just remember dear reader. To love yourself. You are like a fabulous snowflake and one of a kind!



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